Cassie was walking down the hallway with a white towel wrapped around her wet torso as she noticed a brief flashing of multicolored lights under Raven's bedroom door. Cassie pouted, the last thing she remembered was Supergirl following Raven into her room just after dinner, it was the third night this week Kara had flown over and spent the night with Raven.

Burning with curiosity, the amazon girl padded barefoot up to Raven's closed door. The teenage blonde pressed her left ear to the door, she faintly heard pounding sounds and someone's ragged sobbing.

"What are they doing in there?" muttered Cassie, her nipples stiffening under her damp towel as she imagined what perverted magical sex moves Raven was inflicting on Kara.

Cassie tried Raven's doorknob and was surprised to discover that the young witch's bedroom was unlocked. Biting her lower lip, Cassie opened the door gingerly, pushing it aside just enough to peek into Raven's room.


Cassie's blue eyes went wide as she gaped at Raven kneeling on her bed, clutching Supergirl's bucking hips while thrusting a long, thick, glistening black member in and out of the Kryptonian teen's puffy pussy.

Kara was rocking on her hands and knees, tossing her long, pale blonde hair as Raven butt fucked her, pistoning through Supergirl's squishy, slurping slit while Kara arched her shuddering spine and laid her head back, drooling as Raven's magical member plowed through her puckered pink cunnie.

Cassie stood silently behind Raven's open door, fidgeting as she smelled the sex reeking in the candle lit bedroom. Cassie licked her pouty lips as she watched Raven pull on Supergirl's hair with her left hand while she ran the black painted nails of her other hand over the bouncing, beading, alabaster buttocks of the rocking prone girl.

When Cassie's bare right foot crossed the threshold of Raven's room, the butt humping witch immediately turned her head to face the towel wrapped amazon.

"Curiosity killed the cat," growled Raven, her narrowed eyes smoldering red as she stopped scratching Kara's firm rump to crook her right index finger and pull Cassie into her room.

Cassie was pulled by Raven's magic right up to the side of the bed. Another flick of a finger and Cassie's bathtowel was yanked off her skinny body.

"I always wanted to fuck you, Cassie," smirked Raven, licking her ebony lips as she made a clawing motion with her right hand.

Cassie shuddered as invisible fingers raked down her naked body, running across her gleaming breasts, her fluttering stomach, and ending at her crotch, sliding across her shaved, pouting, teen twat.

"Amazons get wet fast, don't they?" giggled Raven, leaning toward Cassie before she made a licking motion with her tongue.

"Uhhhh," moaned Cassie, closing her blonde lashes as an invisible wet tongue licked her nude body, caressing her shivering tits, lapping at her erect nipples, before sliding down her bare belly to her pouty navel. The unseen tongue continued down to Cassie's crotch, sliding across both her smooth inner thighs before lapping her quivering clitoris and stroking each of her trembling labia lips.

"Mmm, I can smell that sweet looking snatch from here," sighed Raven, giving Supergirl's bouncing bottom a sharp slap just before she sheathed her entire magical member up inside Kara's clenching vagina.

"Harder!" cried Kara, hiking up her taut teen ass so Raven could ram even deeper through her wet, velvet walled love tunnel.

"Slut!" barked Raven, whacking Kara's bucking bottom again before she complied and penetrated the teenage Kryptonian's pussy till the blunt tip of her ebony member hit Kara's cervix and pierced into the blonde teen's uterus.

"Ahhhh!" gasped Supergirl when Raven hit her g spot, quaking under the witch as Raven's hard knob punched repeatedly through Kara's cervix into the small blonde's sweaty stomach.


As she stuffed Supergirl's squishy snatch with her engorged black appendage, Raven made flicking motions with her right hand. Cassie quaked on her feet beside the bed, sobbing and laying her blonde head back as the invisible fingers poked up inside her juicy twat, probing in and out of the naked amazon's swollen, dripping wet pussy.

Raven bound Cassie's slender arms to her sides as she used her magic to finger fuck the naked amazon girl. Cassie could only stand helplessly, blushing breasts heaving as unseen digits wiggled inside her puckered cunnie, coaxing rivulets of honey out of her hot box to streak down her quivering thighs.

Raven humped Supergirl till she shot a wad of magical jizz through Kara's slurping sex into the naked blonde's warm womb. Kara tossed back her head and arched her shuddering spine as Raven climaxed inside her, rivulets of cum oozing out of Kara's cock stuffed, clenching teen twat.

Raven released Cassie from her magical bonds and coaxed the amazon closer. Cassie leaned across the bed to where Supergirl's bare bottom was trembling, glistening with a sheen of musky sex sweat.

Cassie stuck out her tongue and licked the glittering drops of perspiration from Kara's creamy white right buttock until Raven tugged out her long, filthy wet black member.

"Suck it!"

Cassie stopped lapping Kara's bare butt and obediently wrapped her pink lips around Raven's magical member. Raven closed her burning red eyes as Cassie started sucking on the sticky black shaft, swallowing the throbbing magical rod deeper and deeper down her tight throat until Raven's damp crotch was pressing up against Cassie's pretty face.

Cassie nuzzled Raven's crotch, deepthroating the witch's demonic dick. Raven combed her fingers through Cassie's thick blonde tresses as the naked amazon girl slurped sloppily on Raven's cum covered cock until the witch shot another load of jizz between Cassie's yawning wide lips down the nude teen's gulping esophagus.


Cassie and Kara took turns fucking and sucking off Raven all night. Cassie straddled the naked witch girl, rocking on Raven's crotch while the witch reached up to milk both of Cassie's sweat slick tits as she thrust up into the bucking young blonde's hot, hungry, sucking pink slit.