Sex Slave

by PJ


Wonder Woman knelt on her naked knees, her arms shackled behind her bare back. The nude amazon princess knelt in an empty cell, her head hanging down as the sun gradually beamed in through the single barred window of her prison.

Diana slowly raised her head when she heard footfalls coming towards her iron cell door. Already beads of perspiration began to trickle down Diana's beautiful face, her black hair was hanging heavily, soaked in several days' sweat, sticky and tangled from lack of washing and care.

A key rattled in the sturdy cell door's lock, then the rust pitted iron door squealed open, and Wonder Woman's captor entered the small cell.

The jailor was huge, bulging with muscle, with hair matting his corded arms and wide chest. The jailor wore leather pants and a hood with openings for eyes, nose, and mouth.

Summer heat began to build inside the suffocating cell. Sweat glistened across Diana's bronze breasts and slightly parted thighs.


The jailor roughly cupped Diana's slack chin, he hefted a skin of water and poured into Wonder Woman's mouth.

Diana closed her blue eyes as she guzzled the water down. She held her wet mouth open for more when the jailor finally withdrew the half empty vessel.

"Please...more," murmured Wonder Woman.

"You know the price, amazon," smiled the hooded man.

Diana briefly closed her azure eyes, then she nodded once stiffly.


The jailor unzipped his leather pants and brought out his monster cock. The brute rubbed his fat knob over Diana's blushing cheeks, across her pursed lips, until finally Wonder Woman took the big prick inside her mouth.

"Uhhhh," moaned the jailor as Diana began to suck his cock, working her wet lips back and forth along the big man's rising rod.

"You're getting better, princess," teased the jailor, reaching round to clasp the back of Diana's bobbing head while the kneeling, naked amazon slurped deeply on his veined member.

"Swallow all of it," groaned the jailor, thrusting inbetween Wonder Woman's yawning wide lips.

Diana strained to swallow the entire long length of her captor's rigid dick, she gulped the big prick all the way down her tight esophagus, until the jailor's huge balls rested on her saliva streaked chin.

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!" panted the humping jailor, fucking Wonder Woman's sloppily slurping mouth until he reached his peak and shot his wad down Diana's gulping throat.

The hooded brute hugged Wonder Woman's head up against his ejaculating crotch, Diana tugged at her shackles behind her back as she was forced to drink down all of her captor's creamy cum.

"How's that for a protein breakfast?" chuckled the jailor, holding Wonder Woman's jizz covered chin in his hairy right hand.


The hooded brute shoved Wonder Woman onto her back. He pulled Diana's long bronze legs wide apart, then buried his leather hooded head in Wonder Woman's crotch.

"Uhhhh," moaned Diana, biting her lower lip as she felt the jailor's tongue worm inside her tender cunt.

"Mmmm," murmured the hooded man, sucking loudly on Wonder Woman's puffy pussy, lapping her moist vulva, before suckling on the supine amazon's twitching clitoris.

The jailor greedily ate out Wonder Woman's juicy twat. He buried his demanding mouth inside Diana's throbbing snatch, sucking the sweet honey oozing from the shackled amazon's melting vagina.

Wonder Woman began to rock underneath her captor, flexing her pelvis until the muff munching thug tongued her hot hole to climax. Diana ejaculated into the hooded man's open mouth, squirting one long stream of cunt cum after another into the ravenous jailor's big maw.


The jailor mounted Wonder Woman, poking Diana's squishy slit with his enormous knob. Diana gasped when the hooded brute penetrated her, ramming his thick dick deeply into her yielding vagina.

"Feels so good inside you!" panted the jailor as he began to hump Wonder Woman, punching his prick to the hilt inside Diana's hot, contracting fuck tunnel.

The jailor sucked on Wonder Woman's bouncing bronze breasts, then covered Diana's sobbing mouth with his own as he rutted with his beautiful amazon captive. Wonder Woman's gleaming legs were wide apart as she took the humping brute inside her over and over again, until the jailor's plowing knob hit her cervix, making Wonder Woman scream in helpless ecstasy.

The hooded man drooled into Wonder Woman's open mouth, he crushed Diana's pair of swinging tits as he sheathed himself to the scrotum inside the supine brunette's sucking sex, before flooding Wonder Woman's shuddering stomach with his cum.

Wonder Woman's jailor stroked her filthy, sweaty hair as he finished venting himself inside Diana's sore slit. After he was done, the jailor tugged his limp prick out of Wonder Woman's gaping wide gash, rivulets of semen oozed out of Diana's fucked raw twat.


"I hope you'll be hungry tonight. I'm bringing one of my friends over to have some fun with you too. We'll have a little party, just the three of us."

Diana remained sprawled on her bare back as her captor closed the squealing iron door behind himself, leaving Wonder Woman to sweat and suffer in the strength stealing afternoon inferno.