Fuck Doll

by PJ



"What do you want, mister?" asked Supergirl, as she slowly backed up into a narrow brick alley, followed by a tall man wearing a leather hood and a long, black duster.

"I want you, little one," purred the masked man, reaching into his coat pocket to take out a sliver of Kryptonite.

Supergirl gasped, her blue eyes wide, as the tiny piece of her homeworld pulsed softly in the fading evening light. Even from across the alley, dangling from a slender chain, the Kryptonite leeched the strength out of Supergirl's small frame, her naked knees wobbled, the petite blonde heroine saw her vision swim and her mind grow dizzy.

While Supergirl swayed on her feet, the masked man drew closer, he draped the chain with the Kryptonite over his neck, then he reached out to seize Supergirl by her skinny arms, he shoved the young Kryptonian up hard against one of the brick alley walls.


Supergirl whimpered when the masked man stuck out his tongue to lick her pale neck. The masked molester grabbed a handful of Supergirl's soft honey hair, he yanked her head back, to nuzzle between the little blonde's creamy throat and shoulder.

"Mmm, you smell good," sighed the tall masked man, grasping Supergirl by her tiny chin before he deeply kissed the petite teenager's quivering lips.

Supergirl stared at the man kissing her with saucer wide blue eyes. The masked man let go of Supergirl's hair to cup her budding, pubescent breasts through her snug blue tunic.

"No..," whimpered Kara, before the tall stranger kissed her again, sucking hungrily on the petite teenager's pouty pink lips.

"You taste good too, little one," growled the masked man, before he started tugging at Supergirl's tunic, lifting it to lay bare Kara's small teenage tits.

The dangling shard of Kryptonite made Supergirl swoon as her masked molester squeezed her soft, small breasts. Supergirl sobbed softly when the tall masked man pinched her tender cherry nipples, rolling the soft rose red buds between his blunt fingers.


As he milked Supergirl's little right breast, the masked man reached underneath Supergirl's short skirt, digging his big hand inside Supergirl's crimson panties.

"No..please..don't touch me there!" whimpered Kara, while the masked man holding her up against the wall fondled her puffy, hairless cunnie.

"So soft and warm," murmured the masked man, while he slowly stroked Supergirl's teen twat, gently parting the swollen petals of Supergirl's tender labia.

Supergirl shivered beside the masked man as he scratched her pouty vulva, rubbing her soft cunnie until it began to glisten with growing moisture.

The masked man removed his large hand from inside Supergirl's panties, he sniffed his dripping fingertips, then he sucked Supergirl's honey from his digits.

"I'm going to enjoy you, Supergirl," whispered the tall masked man, before he slipped his right hand under Supergirl's scarlet skirt again, digging into Kara's underwear to fondle the little Kryptonian's squishy snatch.

Supergirl's skinny legs quivered as the panting masked man fingered her hot, swollen, sticky slit. Supergirl pressed her small palms against the tall man's chest, but she was powerless with the sliver of Kryptonite hanging between them, bathing them both in a sickly green glow.

The masked man fingered Supergirl's twitching twat until Kara sobbed and streaked her inner thighs with warm, musky cum. Gushing honey covered the masked man's fondling fingers inside Kara's damp panties, the masked molester continued to play with Supergirl's inflamed pussy until the little blonde's crotch was drenched in spunk.


The masked man licked each of Supergirl's bare little breasts, then he yanked down Supergirl's red panties, leaving Kara's wet underwear tangled around her right ankle. The masked man opened his long black duster, he was naked inside, sporting an enormous erection that drew Supergirl's large blue eyes.

"Are you..putting that inside me?" whimpered the young Kryptonian.

"Yes. Under the rays of this Kryptonite rock, I will be the man to pierce your virgin hymen."

"Pierce me?" sobbed Supergirl softly, before the masked man picked Kara up from the alley floor and mounted her on his raging erection, lean legs spread eagled, bright red boots dangling in the air.

Supergirl sobbed when the masked man penetrated her, shoving his throbbing cock through her squishy, small sex. Supergirl gasped when the stranger's hard knob tore through her tender hymen, before the masked man's cock rammed deeper into Supergirl's tight vagina.

Supergirl's short arms draped across the humping stranger's shoulders as the grunting masked man fucked Supergirl up against the brick wall. The masked man's rigid dick pistoned through Supergirl's swollen, slurping twat, blood and cum mingled as Supergirl panted and clung to her wildly bucking molester.

"You're so tight! I'm gonna cum inside you!" moaned the thrusting masked man, ramming his cock to the balls inside the small blonde's clenched cunnie.

"So hot..deep inside me..!" sobbed Supergirl, bouncing on her molester's plowing penis, her red boots kicking up into the air as she was raped against the wall over and over again.

The masked man sucked on Supergirl's small, sweaty tits as he pounded Kara against the brick wall again and again, penetrating the teenage Kryptonian faster and faster, until the masked man's knob punched Supergirl in the cervix.

Supergirl shuddered when the masked man shot his balls between her spread eagled legs. Supergirl whimpered as her fluttering tummy was flooded with the stranger's sticky spunk.


The panting masked man set Kara down on her feet, then he pulled off Supergirl's tunic before turning the little Kryptonian around and shoving her up against the brick wall again.

The tall stranger hiked up the back of Supergirl's short skirt, he fondled Supergirl's small alabaster ass, then he poked his finger into Supergirl's pouty pink asshole.

Supergirl's beautiful blue eyes were enormous when the masked man spread her taut little buttocks apart to bring his sticky knob to Supergirl's virgin anus.

"I popped one cherry, now I'm going to pop the other," purred the masked man in Supergirl's left ear, before he plunged his prick through Supergirl's juicy bunghole.

" hurts!" wept Kara, as the tall stranger fucked Supergirl's little bare butt, pumping his stiff prick into Supergirl's clenched rectum.

"Mmm, tighter than your cunnie, good," groaned the masked man, hugging Supergirl's tiny waist as he fucked the little blonde's squishy sphincter.

"No..," sobbed Supergirl, clawing the brick wall before her, as she was shoved up against the bricks again and again, her asshole reamed until it was sore and swollen, the masked man's thick dick thrusting deep into Supergirl's colon.

As he humped the small blonde against the alley wall, the masked man reached round to squeeze Supergirl's perky pink tits. Supergirl sobbed when the ass raping masked man tweaked her engorged cherry nipples, before kneading two handfuls of hot, teenage tit flesh.

The panting masked man humped Supergirl's bucking little butt until he reached his peak and shot another wad through Supergirl's raw rectum. Supergirl whimpered as her asshole overflowed with fuck, oozing out of her cock plugged anus to spill between her blushing, shuddering buttocks.


The masked man stepped back from the sprawled teenage Kryptonian. He turned Supergirl around, then pushed her down to her naked knees. Supergirl flinched when the masked man slapped her flushed face with his filthy dick, when her molester rubbed her small mouth with his semen smeared knob, Supergirl reluctantly wrapped her glossy lips around the hard knob, softly sucking the salty spunk from the tip of the tall man's prick.

"Suck it harder!" urged the masked man, grasping the nape of Supergirl's neck as he rammed his slack shaft down Supergirl's gulping throat.

Kara blinked tears from her large blue eyes as she tentatively sucked on her molester's warm, veined member. She tasted semen on her tongue, then she swallowed the entire length of the masked man's cock, until his sweaty testicles rested over her tiny, drool drenched chin.


After Supergirl had slurped the masked man's cock clean, he lifted the little blonde to her feet, then he reached into his duster to take out a black hood. The tall stranger covered Supergirl's small blonde head with the suffocating hood, then he roughly spun Supergirl around to bind her thin wrists behind her with a plastic cinch strap.

Supergirl was limp in her captor's arms when he picked the small Kryptonian up and slung her over his left shoulder. The masked man carried the bound and hooded young heroine to his waiting van at the other end of the brick alley, he loaded Supergirl inside before climbing behind the wheel and driving away with Supergirl as his helpless captive.




Kara woke up on her back with numb lips and a sour taste on her tongue. Blinking her large blue eyes, the teenage Kryptonian sat up, she was lying on a small bed, dressed in her blue tunic and scarlet skirt, her boots pulled off and standing neatly beside the bed.

The little blonde gingerly climbed out of the strange bed, she scratched her honey hair, then padded barefoot across a small, square bedroom to the only window. The window was barred, and when Kara reached out to rip the bars from the window frame, her small hands were burned.

Kara squealed and yanked her stung hands back. She peered closely at the window bars, she could see slender streaks of green rock, Kryptonite, lining the bars of her small prison.

The door to Kara's cell unlocked. Kara spun around and pressed her back to the wall beside the window, her heart pounded as the door opened and the tall stranger who had raped her in the alley appeared holding a tray. The tall man still wore his leather mask and hood.


"Nice to see you awake, Supergirl," smiled the masked man, carrying the tray to a small table beside Kara's little bed.

"Who are you? Why are you keeping me here?" demanded Kara.

"Are you hungry? I made you a sandwich, nothing heavy, in case the drugs I gave you are still in your system."

Kara made a little fist and cocked it back to punch her captor, then the masked man turned to face her, and Kara sucked in her breath when she saw the shard of Kryptonite still hanging from a chain around the masked man's neck.

"You can't escape, Supergirl, I've seen to that," said the hooded stranger, as he came forward and seized Supergirl by her tiny wrists.

Tears welled in Kara's big blue eyes. "Why am I here?"

The masked man shoved Kara back against her small bed.

"You belong to me."


The tall, hooded man pushed Kara backward across the small mattress. He reached down to yank Kara's skinny legs wide apart, then he knelt between Kara's spread eagled ivory limbs, dropping his hooded head underneath Kara's short skirt to nuzzle the blonde teenager's crotch.

"No! Stop it!" sobbed Kara, as the masked man licked the little honey blonde's puffy pussy, savoring the taste of Kara's quivering young sex.

The stranger held Kara's lean legs apart by her ankles while he sucked on Supergirl's swollen snatch. Kara panted as her kidnapper slurped greedily on her small teen twat, then his tongue was swirling inside Kara's warm coochie, coaxing sweet juices out of the prone little blonde's puckered vulva.

"No..," whimpered Kara, before her bony pelvis quaked and she climaxed all over the masked man's covered features. The stranger eagerly sucked all the hot honey squirting out of Kara's gaping gash, then he languidly licked Kara's gleaming cunnie clean.

The masked man stuck two fingers briefly inside Kara's juicy pussy, he withdrew the cum covered digits, then sucked Kara's honey from his gleaming fingertips.


"You'll learn to enjoy time," said the hot eyed stranger, before he stood up from the floor and headed out the cell door.

"Enjoy your sandwich."

Kara sobbed softly upon the small bed. After awhile she sat up, and covered her hot crotch with her short scarlet skirt.


Kara slept soundly on her side, the sandwich devoured, leaving only an empty plate with a few bread crumbs on the table. Kara bolted upright when the cell door opened again, the masked man bringing the petite teenager a bottle of water.

"Figured you would be thirsty after the sandwich," said the tall man, heading to the table to set down the bottle before he retrieved the empty plate and tray.

Kara climbed off the bed, she padded barefoot up to her captor, she swayed when the Kryptonite around her captor's neck made her dizzy.

"I..I'll do whatever you want, if you promise to let me go."

"Anything?" leered Kara's captor.

"Anything," nodded the little blonde.

The masked man set down the tray, and unzipped his pants.

"Then take out my cock and play with it."

Kara's heartshaped face flamed, but she tentatively reached out to slip her small hands into her captor's pants. Kara bit her lip as she tugged out the tall man's dick, she blushed hotly as she stared at the veined member in front of her, then Kara proceeded to caress her captor's cock to hardness.


"That's a good girl," sighed the masked man, as Kara fondled his rising cock with both of her small hands.

Kara licked her glossy lips as she watched the stranger's prick extend and swell. Soon, the puckered knob was pointing right at Kara's tiny chin.

"Now lick it, Supergirl."

Kara briefly glanced up at the masked man with her wide blue eyes, then she lowered her gaze and stuck out her tongue to lick her captor's penis. Kara gingerly brushed the stranger's cock with the tip of her tongue, she cradled the big prick in both hands as she stroked its veined, pulsating length with her small wet tongue, tasting the masked man's meat.

Kara licked her captor's cock until it gleamed under a sheen of the little blonde's saliva.

"I want you to suck it now," groaned the little girl's keeper.

Kara closed her large azure eyes as she wrapped her pouty lips around the fat tip of the masked man's dick. Kara moaned as she started to suck on the groaning man's member, her wet lips locked tight around the stranger's pounding penis.

The masked man buried his right hand in Kara's golden curls. "Suck it harder, Supergirl!"

Kara obediently slurped deeper on the masked man's fat cock. Kara's face was flushed as she swallowed inch after inch of the masked man's throbbing rod, saliva dripped off her tiny chin, as she gobbled the stranger's cock to his balls.

The masked man clung to Kara's bobbing head while the petite teenager loudly slurped on his rock hard erection. The tall man pulled up the rear of Supergirl's tunic to caress her creamy white bare back while Kara sucked her captor's member all the way down her tight esophogus. Kara gagged when the tip of her captor's prick tickled the bottom of her gulping throat, then Kara's blue eyes snapped wide open when the masked man ejaculated and flooded her small mouth with semen.

"I want you to drink it!" panted Kara's captor. "I want you to swallow every last drop!"

Kara whimpered, but she obeyed, gulping all the salty, frothy cum swelling her small, flushed pink cheeks. The masked man humped Kara's yawning wide mouth, pistoning down her cum flooded throat. When the masked man finally withdrew his slack shaft out from between Kara's filthy, fuck frosted lips, the little blonde coughed up a wad of sticky spunk.

The masked man tilted Kara's flushed face up, he wiped the cum from the little girl's chin with his thumb, then he caressed Kara's hot cheek before retrieving the tray and leaving Kara alone with her bottle of water.


Kara twisted off the bottle top and washed out her cum covered mouth. Afterward, with the salty taste of semen lingering upon her pouty pink lips, Kara gulped the rest of the plastic bottle's cool contents.


Another day came and went. Kara stood behind the barred window, absorbing the golden sunlight beaming through into her small cell. The door opened again, and the masked man entered bearing a fresh tray with a second sandwich.

"Before you eat, I want you to stand against the wall with your back facing me."

Kara compliantly turned her back on her captor, pressing her small palms to the wall of her cell.

The tall hooded man came up behind Kara, he hiked up her short skirt, then squeezed both of Kara's tight, teenage buttocks.

Kara whimpered and closed her blue eyes as her captor reached between her shivering sweetcheeks to stroke the length of Kara's asscrack. The masked man fingered Kara's pouty bunghole and swollen slit, before tugging open his fly and bringing his ready knob to Kara's quivering alabaster ass.

"It's your choice, Supergirl. Up the cunt or up the butt?"

"U..up the butt," stammered the shivering Kryptonian teenager.

The masked man patted Kara's trembling right buttock, then he poked her clenched asshole with his hard knob. Kara winced when the masked man pushed his penis inside her small rectum, then the stranger started to hump Kara's little white butt, fucking the honey blonde beauty against the cell wall.


Kara bucked between her panting captor and the wall as the masked man thrust deep through Kara's squishy sphincter. The butt humping masked man reached round the petite teenager to pull up her blue tunic and grope at Kara's pretty pubescent breasts, he pinched the stiff cherry red nipples as he buried his cock deep in Kara's clenched rectum.

"It's beginning to feel good, isn't it, Supergirl?" grunted the masked man as he fucked Kara up against the wall.

Kara simply sobbed, her skinny legs splayed apart, rocking on her tiptoes, while the raggedly panting man behind her plowed his throbbing prick up into Kara's colon.

The masked man's crotch slapped Kara repeatedly upon her shivering, sweaty sweetcheeks. Kara sobbed and hugged the wall in front of her, bare butt bouncing as the panting masked man wildly reamed Kara's puckered bunghole until he grunted and blasted Kara's tight teenage ass with cum.

Drool ran freely down Kara's quivering chin as she shuddered with every one of the masked man's ejaculations through her swollen, sore sphincter. The tall stranger gave Kara's perky tits a final squeeze before releasing the young girl's heaving bare breasts.

The masked man's cock came out of Kara's raw anus with a loud, wet pop. Kara's captor wiped his limp dick clean over the little blonde's sweat sheened buttocks, then he left the cell again, with Kara sobbing softly against the wall.