The Sex Slave

by PJ


I walked up the sidewalk to my porch and picked up the mail before I used my keys to unlock the front door. When I opened the door, Tiffany was waiting for me, resting on her knees upon the hard, polished oak floor.

Tiffany was topless, her heavy breasts hanging free, her dark brown nipples fat and stiff. The young woman wore a leather corset that cupped her enormous tits, a single strip of leather flossed the woman's crotch.

Tiffany smiled when I lowered my left hand to caress her soft brown hair. The nearly naked woman's lashes fluttered, she moaned softly until I stopped petting her.

I closed the front door, then set down my briefcase and the mail before shrugging out of my coat. Tiffany continued to kneel on the hard wood, her slender arms folded neatly behind her back.

I draped my coat on the rack, then I went to Tiffany and pinched her chin. Tilting the kneeling woman's head back, I kissed her sweet lips, Tiffany whimpered while I sucked on her pouty, painted red mouth.

Withdrawing from the woman's sensual mouth, I snatched a handful of Tiffany's hair and shoved her face into my crotch. The kneeling woman whimpered again, before she stuck out her tongue to lick the growing bulge inside my pants.

"That's a good bitch. Now lick my shoes."


Without a word of protest Tiffany folded down to the floor and proceeded to lovingly lick my loafers. I watched the voluptuous woman streak my shoes with her saliva, her well rounded ass lifting into the air as she crouched down to stroke my shoes with her tongue.

I leaned over Tiffany and slapped her bare backside. Tiffany groaned, but never stopped licking my shoes as I spanked her gorgeous ass until her buttocks were glowing red.

"You like that, cunt?" I barked, before giving Tiffany's bruised bottom a final sharp slap.

I grabbed Tiffany by her hair again and forced two fingers between her salivating lips.


Tiffany looked up at me with her simpering brown eyes as she obediently sucked on my two fingers, locking her wet lips around the stiff digits. I allowed Tiffany to soak my fingers in her saliva, then I tilted her head back again, pried her mouth open, and spat several times down her gulping throat.

I slapped Tiffany's left cheek, then left her kneeling by the door while I went into the living room to pour myself a drink from the bar. After a swallow of scotch, I started a fire in the hearth, as the flames rose, Tiffany crawled across the living room floor, she took up a riding crop between her teeth, then knelt beside me until I finished my drink and plucked the leather crop from between her luscious lips.


"Stand up," I snapped.

Tiffany climbed clumsily to her feet, her long legs stiff and numb after kneeling all afternoon on the hard wood floor.

"Hands on top of your head."

Tiffany obediently raised her arms and set both of her hands over her head.

I cupped Tiffany's milky left breast, squeezing the firm tit. Tiffany was quiet as I groped her blushing breast, then she whimpered when I whacked her cherry red ass with the riding crop.

I circled slowly around Tiffany, cracking the leather crop across her burning buttocks, her creamy bare back, and her pendulous alabaster breasts. Soon, Tiffany had a collection of stinging red welts all over her nubile body, she looked beautiful standing stiffly in front of me, pouty lips quivering as she tried not to cry out from the painful blows I rained upon her.


Standing in front of Tiffany, I caught her right nipple between my fingers and pulled on it. Tiffany winced but didn't protest, she sobbed when I whacked her bare breast with the stinging crop.

"Does it hurt, bitch?" I snarled, beating Tiffany's right breast several times, holding the shuddering mammary by the fat nipple.

Tiffany blinked tears from her pretty eyes, but never cried out.

I released Tiffany's right nipple, and snatched her left. I gave Tiffany's left breast the same treatment, whacking it with the cracking leather rod until the melon mammary was covered in angry crimson welts.

I let go of Tiffany's throbbing left nipple. When I rubbed the riding crop in my hand between Tiffany's shivering thighs, thick strings of cum oozed from the young woman's inflamed, soaking wet snatch.

I cupped Tiffany's trembling chin while I fondled her squishy twat with the length of the rigid leather rod.

"You're so wet. You really are a whore."

Tiffany met my derisive gaze with her soft, doe eyes. I continued to caress Tiffany's swollen, sopping wet sex, then I slapped the buxom bitch's clit with my crop. Tiffany gasped, but remained standing stiffly in front of me.


"I suppose you earned a reward," I smirked, reaching for the fly of my pants.

Tiffany eagerly dropped to her knees, panting like a dog as she stared at my crotch. I took out my thick dick, I waved it under Tiffany's nose, watching the kneeling woman drool as she waited for my permission to suck.

"You can suck it."

Tiffany immediately wrapped her drooling lips around my pounding penis. The kneeling, bare breasted woman greedily gobbled my erection, swallowing my cock deep down her esophogus.

I stood over Tiffany with my left hand on top of her bobbing brown head. I let Tiffany milk my prick with her drool drenched lips, her deft tongue lapping at my hairy scrotum.

When I felt ready to cum, I pulled back on Tiffany's long hair. She laid her head back and kept her mouth wide open until I grunted and shot my wad into Tiffany's face, splashing stringy spunk across her nose, blushing cheeks, and gaping ruby lips.

Tiffany blinked fuck from her lashes, then lapped the semen oozing out of my spent shaft. I clutched the nape of Tiffany's neck and shoved her face into my crotch again, I held the kneeling woman's head between my thighs until Tiffany had licked my dangling dick clean.


I left Tiffany kneeling on the living room floor with her face covered in cum while I went to the kitchen to fix some dinner. I made a sandwich, then brought it into the living room.

Tiffany crawled over to my easy chair as I sat down to eat. The kneeling woman stared up at me with her warm brown eyes until I pinched a piece of meat from my sandwich and held it over Tiffany's head. Tiffany tilted her head back and opened her spunk soaked mouth wide again, I tossed the piece of meat into the young slut's mouth, then took a few bites of my own from the sandwich on my plate.

After I was done, I put the empty plate on the floor. Tiffany stared at me expectantly until I gave her permission with a nod of my head, then she crouched over the dinner plate and licked off all the crumbs that remained.


I picked up the licked clean plate and took it back to the kitchen. Tiffany was waiting for me by the stairs, she bowed her head when I walked by, then she followed me as I pulled her by the hair up the staircase to my bedroom.

"Bend over the bed," I ordered, after I entered the room with Tiffany crawling behind me.

I let go of Tiffany's long hair so she could stand up and stagger across the room to my four poster bed. The bare breasted bitch folded over the foot of the bed, her beaten butt hiked up high in front of me.

I stripped out of my work clothes, then came up behind the bare assed woman. I grabbed the leather thong nestled between Tiffany's beautiful buttocks, I worked the thong deep into Tiffany's asscrack, flossing the woman's puffy, gleaming wet gash.

I tugged Tiffany's thong aside, then gave her crimson backside another sharp slap. Tiffany whimpered, but remained folded over above my bed.

"You want it up the butt tonight, bitch?" I barked, shoving my thumb into Tiffany's pouty asshole.

Tiffany's rounded rump quivered, then the woman spread her long legs, keeping her bruised bottom high up in the air.

"Slut," I smirked, removing my thumb to set my knob upon Tiffany's swollen sphincter.

Tiffany's anus stretched easily for my engorged knob, the woman had learned to relax her rectum when I put my prick inside her rear end.

"That's a good girl," I cooed, spreading Tiffany's battered buttocks as I slipped my dick deeper into the woman's yielding bunghole.

Once my cock was completely sheathed inside Tiffany's warm rectum, I began to hump the young woman's butt, thrusting against Tiffany's bucking bare bottom.

I grabbed two handfuls of Tiffany's hair as I fucked the slut from behind. Tiffany rocked underneath me, sobbing, rocking on her high heels as I reamed her juicy, slurping sphincter.

I yanked Tiffany's head back as I rode her bouncing backside. Tiffany leaned forward on her splayed arms, bucking her butt in time to my repeating pelvic thrusts.

I leaned over the outstretched slut to grab her swinging, sweaty tits. I buried my flushed face in Tiffany's damp brown hair as I raped the woman's tight rectum, ramming my dick deep into Tiffany's clenched colon.

I kneaded Tiffany's heavy, swaying breasts as I humped the corset clad woman's bucking rump, then I gasped into Tiffany's sweaty mane as I flooded the sobbing slave's ass with cum.

I squeezed Tiffany's slippery tits while I shot my balls repeatedly through the folded over woman's sore, squishy sphincter. When I finally tugged free my limp prick, semen oozed out of Tiffany's raped raw asshole.


I yanked back on Tiffany's wet hair and set my filthy dick upon her whimpering ruby lips. Tiffany took my sticky prick inside her mouth, softly sucking my slick shaft clean as she stared up at me with her dumb, doe eyes.

I gave Tiffany's stiff brown nipples pinches, then I slapped her right cheek, leaving the whore's face burning. I climbed into bed, then lay on my back as Tiffany tentatively climbed in with me, curling up like a cat beside my feet.

Tiffany nestled up against my left leg, her head pillowed by my lower limb. I reached down to stroke Tiffany's wet, tangled hair, until I grew tired and fell asleep listening to my slave's even breathing.