The Study 2

by PJ


After our first extra study session, Kelly came to my house every Saturday to continue her tutoring. In exchange for Kelly allowing me to fuck her in any way I wished, I gave Kelly a B for every exam she took. It was a convenient arrangement for both of us, although I knew that I was definitely getting the better part of the deal.

So the next Saturday came, a chilly afternoon with winter fast approaching. Kelly drove up and parked in my driveway, then she walked to my front door shouldering a bag of notes and books, she wisely continued to put up the pretense of study sessions, even though studying was the last thing I had in mind for the dusky, buxom young coed.

"Hi, Professor!" greeted Kelly when I opened the front door of my modest home.

"Hello, Miss Monaco," I replied, stepping aside so the short brunette could enter the foyer.

I closed the front door, then I accepted Kelly's thick coat. Kelly picked up her bookbag from the floor and carried it into the study, where I had a warm fire burning and two glasses of ready red wine.

When I entered the study, Kelly had discarded her books and was sipping a glass of wine. Kelly's beautiful eyes were smoldering as her sensual lips lingered on the brim of the glass, I felt my heart racing as I slid shut both study doors, I lived alone, but I wanted maximum privacy for what I was about to do with my voluptuous student.

"I dream about us fucking sometimes, Professor," confessed Kelly with a saucy smirk, trailing her sharp nails across my desktop as she walked to the long couch set before the flickering fire. "I get wet in bed, so I finger myself, imagining it's really your cock slipping inside me, shoving hard and deep into my hungry pussy."

I left my wine untouched on the desk, aching for the taste of Kelly on my lips. I followed Kelly to the couch, when I wrapped my arms around her slim waist, nuzzling her long, thick, dark brown hair, embracing the petite coed tight, as she finished her wine and wriggled her tight rump against my crotch.

I took away Kelly's empty glass, then I turned her to face me, cupping her chin, then kissing her wine-flavored lips. Kelly molded her young body against mine, she clutched my ass while we kissed and tongued wildly, my fingers combing through Kelly's silky mane, before reaching for the buttons of her blouse, almost tearing the college girl's shirt open to free her heavy, heaving breasts.


I cupped Kelly's blushing bosom, then I began lapping at Kelly's wide, round, caramel nipples. Kelly moaned softly, kneading the nape of my neck, as I lathered her flushed hot tits, suckling upon Kelly's engorged breast buds. I nuzzled the warm, freckled cleft of Kelly's swelling breasts, I licked the groaning girl's cleavage, savoring the sweet slopes of Kelly's buxom bosom.

Folding to my knees before Kelly, I planted loving kisses across her fluttering tummy, then I tugged at the buckle of her tight jeans, before unbuttoning Kelly's pants and pressing my flushed face to Kelly's musky-warm crotch, licking the coed's swollen snatch through her soft cotton panties.

Kelly laid her head back, dark brown hair cascading across her shivering shoulders, as I peeled off Kelly's hip-hugging jeans and licked her blushing bare thighs. Kelly slipped her sneakers free of her jeans, then stood still while I groped her bare bottom and lapped her throbbing hot pussy through her saliva-soaked panties.

"Mmm, that feels so good, Professor!" moaned Kelly, her dark lashes fluttering, perfect ivory teeth nibbling her quivering lower lip. "Don't stop! Make me cum!"

I redoubled my adoration of Kelly's sweet sex with my tongue, I licked Kelly's damp panties until her puffy labia lips were clearly visible through the wet cotton fabric, then I plucked at the elastic waistband of Kelly's underwear and pulled down the coed's wet panties, her inflamed cunnie gleamed in the warm firelight, I licked my ravenous lips before nuzzling Kelly's hot hole, sucking urgently upon Kelly's tender-moist labia lips, gently gnawing Kelly's clit, as the nearly naked, dark-haired beauty sobbed and swayed before me, tossing her glossy dark mane while I tongued her aching twat to a thigh-drenching climax.


I stood up from the rug I had knelt on, and Kelly cupped my blushing cheeks, kissing me hard upon my spunk-soaked lips. Kelly savored the taste of her own juices upon my mouth, then she parted from me, diving onto the couch, resting on her belly with her gorgeous ass hiked up high.

"I know you like fucking my butt, sir," smiled Kelly, wiggling her well-rounded hips for my viewing pleasure.

I did love Kelly's ass, so I sat on the edge of the long couch and leaned over the coed, running my open hands along Kelly's smooth, supple legs, until my palms pressed upon Kelly's taut asscheeks. I softly squeezed both round mounds, kneading the firm, hot assflesh. Kelly sighed with pleasure while I massaged her bare buttocks, gently parting Kelly's sweetcheeks to gaze into the coed's crack, nearly drooling at the sight of Kelly's puffy pussy and gaping anus.

Lowering my flushed face to Kelly's bare bottom, I began licking both trembling asscheeks, streaking Kelly's quivering buttocks with my saliva. I kissed both mouthwatering mounds, then I pressed my blissful face into Kelly's musky-warm crack, licking the young woman's throbbing twat and puckered bunghole.

Kelly was panting as I adored her naked ass with my tongue and lips. I rimmed Kelly's twitching anus, smearing the coed's sphincter with saliva, then I scratched Kelly's swollen sex, lightly stroking Kelly's pouting vulva and tingling clit.

"God! You're making me melt! Fuck me!"

Smiling, I tugged my beltbuckle open, then I pulled down my pants before straddling the flush-faced coed. I dug my fingertips into Kelly's firm assflesh, then spread Kelly's buttocks wide apart, rubbing my ready erection over the coed's yawning wide pussy and twitching bung.

I penetrated Kelly's pussy first, shoving my cock in deep within Kelly's enfolding vagina, where the young woman held me inside her, milking my throbbing prick with her incredibly tight twat muscles.

I laid my head back, groaning in bliss, while I humped Kelly's bucking bottom, caressing the sweaty slopes of the coed's bouncing buttocks, ramming my cock harder and deeper into Kelly's slurping slit.

Kelly clutched the padded arm of the creaking couch, she flung out her long, glossy, dark mane, panting, rolling a heavy bare breast in her left hand as she writhed wildly underneath me, pounding her ass between my splayed thighs, spearing herself over and over upon my plowing, pistoning prick.

I gathered two thick handfuls of Kelly's sweaty hair, I tugged Kelly's gasping head back as I rode the coed's rolling rump, working my dick deep into Kelly's hot hole, my swinging balls slapping against Kelly's swollen clit.

I hugged Kelly's rocking waist, wrapping my right hand around Kelly's neck as I rode her harder and faster, thrusting between her sweat-slick asscheeks, pistoning through Kelly's stretching, slurping sex.

I licked Kelly's flushed hot cheek, then nibbled on her tender left earlobe as my cock pounded faster and faster through Kelly's gaping wide gash. I gave one final, sharp thrust through Kelly's yawning vulva, then I shot my load inside the sobbing schoolgirl, Kelly's bare butt quaking while I flooded it with hot spunk.


When I tugged my limp dick out of Kelly's filthy wet cunt, strings of semen oozed out from the coed's sore slit. I released Kelly's neck, combing my fingers through her sweaty mane instead.

Kelly tilted her perspiring face back, and we kissed fiercely.

"You didn't fuck my butt."

"Give me time," I smiled, burying my nose in Kelly's musky-sweet hair.


As I reclined upon the couch, Kelly knelt between my open legs, pumping my cock with her warm, fondling fingers. Kelly stroked every inch of my rising member with her gentle hands, she scratched my scrotum with her sharp nails, then teased my balls, before extending her tongue and lapping each salty orb.

Gazing up at me with her beautiful, bright eyes, Kelly wrapped her soft lips around my swollen knob, she moaned as she suckled my cock, tasting the first beads of my cum with her lapping tongue.

Kelly spit on my ready erection several times, rubbing her spittle up and down my veined pole, then she climbed back onto the couch with me and offered me her bare, blushing butt again.

I guided my saliva-slick member to Kelly's sphincter, I pressed the fat head to the coed's gaping wide asshole, then I inserted my rod into Kelly's tight bung.

Kelly groaned, rolling her shapely hips in slow circles as I shoved inch after inch of my dick into her tight, clenching rectum. When I was completely sheathed inside Kelly's gorgeous rump, the naked coed began bucking underneath me, working her squishy sphincter up and down the length of my plowing penis.

"Mmm, that feels so dirty!" sighed Kelly, swinging her thick, dark brown hair over her bare right shoulder as she bucked beneath me, grinding her gleaming ass against my pounding crotch, her sphincter stretching wide to swallow all of my ramming cock.

I caressed Kelly's bouncing buttocks while I reamed the moaning young woman. Kelly arched her spine, shivering as she took in the entire length of my hard-on, holding my cock captive inside her beautiful bottom, before clenching her sweetcheeks, squeezing my sheathed shaft till I was sobbing and seeing stars.

I humped Kelly's bare butt faster, spanking the coed's round rump with every sharp stab through Kelly's squishy sphincter. Kelly was clawing the couch while I reamed her, her sweat-soaked breasts bouncing as we crashed together faster and faster, until I groaned and blasted Kelly's slippery ass with hot fuck.


I slowly slipped my cock clear of Kelly's throbbing bung. Dribbles of milky fuck oozed out of Kelly's gaping anus, Kelly reached back to smear her sweat-slick buttocks with my spew, then she brought her sticky fingers to her drool-drenched lips and sucked my salty semen from her tapered fingertips.

I stumbled to my desk to drink greedily from my glass of wine. Kelly rose from the couch, slipping silently behind me, shrugging off her unbuttoned blouse to press her heavy, glistening breasts against my bare back.

"We're not done yet, are we, sir?" pouted Kelly, finishing the wine in my glass when I turned to look down upon the dishevelled, radiant young woman.

I smiled as I allowed Kelly to pull me back to the couch, where she shoved me down upon it, before climbing onto my lap, straddling me with her supple, slippery thighs, draping her dusky arms across my shoulders, bringing her intoxicating lips to mine, kissing, hungrily sucking upon my yielding mouth as she rubbed her swollen snatch back and forth along my rapidly rising member.

The End