by PJ


Hermione crossed her legs in front of her, then set the spellbook on her open lap. She flipped through the dry parchment pages, until she came upon a passage that peaked her interest.

Sex magic is one of the most powerful methods to enhance one's own magical abilities. By use of the following techniques, magic can be summoned, stored, and amplified to cast the most powerful spells in the wizarding world.

Hermione blushed by the glow of the candle burning beside her bed. She glanced at her sleeping roommates, Ginny and Hermione's two other dormmates were all sound asleep under their covers.

"Okay, let's see if this works."

Following the directions of the spellbook, Hermione pulled off her sleeping gown, then slipped off her panties. Kneeling naked in the middle of her bed, Hermione read over the next set of instructions, then, face flaming, tentatively reached inbetween her splayed thighs to touch her soft teenage sex.

Hermione's young twat grew warm when she began stroking her tender pink slit. Biting her lower lip, Hermione closed her brown eyes, scratching her cunnie, caressing her pouty pussy until it was hot and damp.

Hermione cupped her soft right breast, she squeezed the small pubescent tit, then lifted her stiff, dark brown nipple so she could lick the tingling breast bud.


Hermione began to drip honey from her inflamed pussy. She whimpered when she stuck her left index finger into her sopping wet snatch, digging her digit slowly into her clenched vagina.

"Oooooh!" moaned Hermione, rocking her hips, plunging her stiff finger deeper and deeper into her sucking cunt.

Hermione laid her bushy brown head back. She flexed her pelvis, fucking the finger she rammed harder and harder into her slurping slit.

Hermione milked her bare right breast, she swirled her salivating tongue around her engorged nipple, savoring the taste of her own naked mammary.

Hermione bucked and humped on her bed, stuffing two fingers into her hungry hole, then three, rocking, writhing on top of her groaning mattress as she finger fucked herself to a thigh quaking climax.


After Hermione orgasmed, she slowly tugged free her dripping wet digits. She brought her glistening fingers to her pursed lips, she smelled the scent of her sex on her gleaming fingertips, then the young witch licked the spunk from her left hand.


With the magic swelling inside her fluttering stomach, Hermione stretched out over her bed. She returned her wet fingers to her glistening gash, then put her right index finger to her rosebud asshole.

Hermione sobbed when she thrust the index fingers of both hands into her squishy snatch and pouting anus. Hermione shoved her digits deep into her two anal orifices, her bare bottom rocked up and down as she fingered herself even more fiercely, plunging her stiff fingers in and out of her sucking cunt and clenching rectum.

Hermione wore an ecstatic smile as the magic blossomed inside her young womb. She rammed her fingers to the knuckles inside her aching twat and anus, repeatedly she penetrated her bucking backside, until Hermione climaxed again, sobbing, salivating over her dripping wet chin as her rectum tightened around her right index finger while her vagina contracted around her buried left digit.


As Hermione's warm afterglow gradually faded, so did the magic she had summoned by arousing her nubile, naked body. Hermione saw the value of sex magic with some of her more complicated spells, she marked the passage that described how to summon magic with sex, then set the book aside before blowing out her tabletop candle and snuggling under her covers to sleep.