Wonder Woman

by PJ


The flashing strobe lights wakened Diana from her drugged stupor. Blinking her heavy black lashes, the amazon princess found herself standing on an elevated stage, her arms held over her head, a fat red rubber ball gag nestled between Wonder Woman's gaping lips.

Diana moaned into her gag, tugging at the sturdy shackles binding her hands over her head. Either the drugs or some enchantment negated Wonder Woman's awesome strength, she remained bound in her bonds as a door opened and a single man entered the room.

The display room was pitch black except for the bright lights locked upon Diana's nubile body. Wonder Woman couldn't see what the man was doing in the darkness, but she heard a rustling of fabric, then the man appeared on the stage.

The man was handsome, with slicked back hair and piercing gray eyes. He wore a rich silk shirt and trousers, the man was wealthy, accustomed to acquiring whatever he desired.

The stranger stood in front of Wonder Woman, admiring her beautiful body from her crimson boots to her golden tiara. Diana flinched when the stranger plucked her tiara from her brow, he tossed the circlet into the darkness, then reached out again to comb his right hand through the shackled amazon's thick ebony mane.

Wonder Woman glared at the stranger raking his fingers through her black tresses. The man's warm hand settled on Diana's neck, then he caressed her bare bronze shoulder, before he laid his palm over the gagged amazon's blushing left breast.

"You're worth every penny," smiled the stranger, before he removed Wonder Woman's golden brassiere.

Diana's blue eyes grew wide when the stranger laid bare her voluptuous bronze breasts. The wealthy man licked his lips at the sight of Wonder Woman's mouthwatering nipples, the large, dark brown buds swelling beneath her captor's hungry gaze.


The stranger cupped Wonder Woman's pendulous breasts before he started to lick Diana's caramel nipples. Diana's black lashes quivered as she moaned huskily into her saliva soaked ball gag, the bare breasted amazon princess writhed in her bonds as the handsome stranger lapped at her throbbing tit tips, lathering Diana's dark brown areola until Wonder Woman's stiff nipples gleamed with drool.

Wonder Woman squeezed her azure eyes shut as the stranger pillowed his flushed face in the warm cleft between the amazon's heaving bosom. Diana whimpered when she felt her captor's tongue drag down the length of her quivering cleavage, until the stranger reached Diana's pouty navel.


Wonder Woman watched helplessly as the wealthy stranger plucked at her star spangled panties. Slowly the stranger pulled down Wonder Woman's spandex shorts, laying bare the beautiful bronze amazon's crotch.

Diana felt her twat twitch as she watched the stranger stare at her furry cunt. Strings of saliva oozed from the corners of Wonder Woman's ball gagged mouth as the stranger crouched under her, grasping her by her muscular calves to tug her long, bronze legs wide apart.

Wonder Woman whimpered as her labia lips parted, revealing her puckered, pink vulva, tender, warm, and wet.

The stranger grinned as he raked his fingers through Wonder Woman's silky black bush just as he had caressed Diana's thick midnight mane. The shackled amazon princess shivered as she felt deft fingers comb through her soft, silky pubes, before her captor tweaked Diana's quivering clit.

The crouching stranger parted Wonder Woman's inflamed labia with two fingers, forming a V with his digits. The stranger stuck his extended tongue into the cleft of the wide V, licking Diana's gaping gash.

Wonder Woman shuddered violently from head to toe as the handsome stranger repeatedly licked her throbbing twat. Diana's pelvis quaked when the man's sinuous tongue wiggled into her hot hole, Wonder Woman's hips shuddered as the stranger started to slurp on the bound and gagged amazon's pounding pussy.

Wonder Woman made a muffled protest into her drool drenched ball gag as the stranger eagerly ate out her sopping wet snatch. Burying his ardent mouth in Wonder Woman's black bush, the stranger sucked upon Diana's tender sweet labia petals, before he gently gnawed on the amazon's engorged clitoris, pushing Diana over the precipice into breathless, mind blowing climax.

Diana showered the stranger crouched under her with musky sweet spunk. The handsome man laid his flushed face back to enjoy the rain of Wonder Woman's cum, then he locked his greedy lips on Diana's gushing vulva, drinking all the hot cunt fuck pouring out of the amazon's melting vagina.

Wonder Woman's hips bucked wildly as she helplessly ejaculated down the muff munching stranger's gulping throat. The cum drunk stranger cupped Diana's clenched bronze buttocks as the bound and gagged amazon orgasmed over and over again in dizzy succession. Honey drenched Wonder Woman's splayed, quaking thighs, her quivering crotch hot and sticky after her orgasmic explosion.


Wonder Woman's curly black pubes caressed the stranger's ecstatic face as he languidly licked Diana's filthy wet pussy clean. Wonder Woman hung limply from her snug shackles, bare breasts heaving, big bronze tits beading with perspiration as the crouching stranger nuzzled enthusiastically between Diana's honey streaked thighs.


Wonder Woman groaned into her ball gag when the stranger finally stood up, reaching for the fly of his expensive trousers. Juices oozed out of Diana's devoured cunt at the sight of her captor's rock hard erection, the shackled amazon sobbed when the stranger brought his ready knob to Wonder Woman's yawning wide, honey soaked slit.

The stranger reached up to clasp Wonder Woman's shackled wrists hanging over their heads before he rammed his cock deep into Diana's squishy sex.

Diana gasped when the stranger penetrated her, thrusting his stiff prick deeper and deeper into the amazon's clenched vagina.

"So hot and tight!" groaned the rich man, as he held Diana by her limp wrists and humped the rocking, naked amazon.

Diana closed her blissful blue eyes when the stranger started to kiss her bare throat. The raping stranger clutched Diana's upraised arms as he pistoned between Wonder Woman's splayed legs, plugging Diana's drooling pussy over and over with hard, pulsating man meat.

"I feel you getting tighter around my cock, I know you're enjoying this as much as I am, Wonder Woman," purred the bucking stranger in Diana's ear, before he tugged back on Wonder Woman's sweaty black mane and licked the strings of saliva clinging to the naked amazon's quivering chin.

Wonder Woman held her long legs wide apart for the huge, hot cock pumping up into her ravenous cunt. Diana flexed her pelvis, riding the rich man's ramming rod, as the panting man nuzzled her bared throat and slid his warm hands from Wonder Woman's upraised arms to her taut, bouncing buttocks.

The cunt humping stranger worked his tool faster through Diana's sore, slurping slit. The rich man's balls slapped over Wonder Woman's parted labia lips, his crotch grinding into Diana's pounding clit.

The stranger kneaded Wonder Woman's slippery bronze buttocks until he shot his wad between the bound and gagged amazon's shuddering thighs. Diana laid her ebony head back, shivering to the tips of her curled toes, as she climaxed in tandem with her rich captor, fuck and honey mingling inside Wonder Woman's reflexively contracting vagina.


The stranger kissed the sweaty slopes of both of Wonder Woman's heavy bronze breasts, then he sucked on Diana's drool drenched chin before he withdrew from the naked amazon's raped raw pussy.

Wonder Woman slowly opened her ecstatic blue eyes. She yearned for the stranger's manhood to punch her cervix again as she watched him zip up his trousers and recover his discarded jacket from the brightly lit stage.

The rich man climbed off the stage, leaving Wonder Woman alone beneath the blinding lights, dishevelled, sex soaked, and aching for more. Diana would not have long to wait, another wealthy client of Diana's captors appeared through the doorway, stripping down in the darkness before he mounted the raised stage to fuck the chained and gagged amazon in her well rounded bronze backside.