Bikini Beauty

by PJ


I was busy loading one of my cameras for the shoot when Caitlin knocked on the door of my studio flat. I quickly opened the door for the tall, voluptuous redhead, Caitlin was already blushing brightly, wearing a loose t-shirt and snug jeans. Fairchild carried a light bag from her left shoulder, she smiled shyly as I stepped aside for her to come in.

"Hi, Caitlin. I'm glad you could make it tonight. Don't be nervous, I shoot pictorials like this all the time."

"I..I'm not real nervous, sir," glowed Caitlin. "I've just never posed professionally before. My roommate, Kara, saw your ad in the paper, she thought it would be a good way to make some extra money."

"Your friend's right. I won't have any trouble selling your pics," I grinned, ushering the tall redhead across my flat to the small picture set I had set up. The background for Caitlin's pictures was a tropical beach, I even had a few fake palm trees flanking the background prop.

"I'm sorry, I don't have a changing room for you. You'll have to change into your bikini here."

"Oh, I guess that's alright," blushed Fairchild hotly, as she set down her carry bag before unzipping it.

I stood beside the tripod of one of my loaded cameras, I kept my back to Caitlin as she started to strip, tugging off her t-shirt before unhooking the back of her bra. As quietly as I could, I picked up the handheld dangling from the loaded camera, watching Fairchild's reflection from a wall mirror, I started taking slow shots of Fairchild undressing, wriggling out of her tight jeans, then slipping off her cotton panties before reaching into her bag for her skimpy hot pink bikini.

I licked my lips staring at Caitlin's nude reflection as she donned her slender thong, the strip of pink spandex flossing Fairchild's gorgeous, well-rounded, alabaster ass. Caitlin fixed the tiny top of her bikini beneath her heavy breasts, tying a knot between her creamy shoulderblades before shaking out her shoulder-length copper hair.

When Caitlin turned to face me, her nipples were already standing out from beneath the tiny triangles of her pink bikini top, Fairchild's puffy pussy was also visible beneath her spandex thong, her labia lips swollen, her sweet sex puckered and tantalizing.

Caitlin lowered her large green eyes when I finally turned around to face her. I whistled at the sight of the near-naked buxom beauty.

"Caitlin, you look incredible!" I sighed with a wide smile.

Caitlin batted her scarlet lashes, her breasts blushing as brightly as her hot pink cheeks. "Thank you, sir."

"Let's get started then. We'll start with some simple poses. Just look like you're standing on a hot beach with the ocean at your back. Drink in the warm sunlight and relax."

"Okay," replied Caitlin, lifting her chin as she set her long ivory legs apart, hands on shapely hips as she looked forward and smiled brightly. I leaned behind my camera and started taking shots, my cock aching in my pants as I took pictures of the copper-haired goddess.


"That's good, Caitlin. Now run your fingers through your hair, arch your back a little."

"Yes, sir," said Fairchild, combing her fingers through her copper mane, flexing her supple spine so her heavy breasts thrust out, straining the sheer spandex of her hot pink bikini top. Caitlin's nipples became even more prominent, as large as ripe strawberries, her saucer-sized areola engorged, her nipples rock hard, almost as if the tiny top was transparent. My mouth was dry as I continued taking shots, I took some close-ups of Caitlin's incredible bosom, lingering on the milky slopes of her nearly naked tits.

"Now turn around and hike up your butt."

"Okay," blushed Fairchild, turning her bare back to me before she stood on tiptoes, hiking up her luscious, mouthwatering ivory ass.

I took over a dozen shots of Caitlin's mesmerizing rump, lingering over both taut buttocks, then the spandex thong flossing Fairchild's asscrack. With a close-up lense, I could capture just a hint of pouty anus and puffy pussy, the mound of Caitlin's cunt visible between her parted ivory thighs.

I took shots of Caitlin's rear with Fairchild's hands on her hips, then resting on the sweet slopes of her bare buttocks. Caitlin held her bright red hair over her head, displaying the tempting nape of her slender neck for the snapping camera, then we stopped to take a short break so I could reload my camera.

"Are you thirsty? Would you like something to drink?"

"Um, sure."


I left the tiny set to go to the kitchen. I took out a cocktail I had already prepared for Fairchild earlier. I brought the tall, fruity drink up to the tall redhead, Caitlin took it with a smile and sipped from the long straw.

"This is very good," said Caitlin, before she took several more long sips.

"This one is my speciality," I smiled. The subtle alcoholic effect of the cocktail had gotten more than one shy model out of her clothes for the second part of my pictorial.

Caitlin's large green eyes were already glazing by the time she had sucked down half of the cocktail. I finished reloading my camera, then I lifted my head from behind the wide lense.

"If you're comfortable now, let's try some different kinds of poses."

"Like what, sir?" blinked Caitlin, before taking another long suck from her drink.

"How about you take off the top and do some topless posing? There's a huge market for semi-nude pictures."

"You my breasts?" giggled Caitlin, swaying slightly from the alcohol in her system.

"Yeah, just a few shots, to see how it feels."

"Okay," blushed Caitlin, handing over the empty cocktail glass before reaching back to untie the tiny top of her hot pink bikini.

I set down the glass and took my place behind my camera again as Fairchild removed her tiny top, revealing her heavy, flushed hot, bare breasts. Caitlin's swollen strawberry nipples had my cock straining my jeans as I quickly started taking shots of the topless goddess, as Caitlin cradled her melon-sized mammaries, her nipples erect, her wide areola blood-engorged.

"Why don't you play with your tits a little, roll them around in your hands, pinch your nipples."

Fairchild giggled again, then she started fondling her bare breasts, nibbling her lower lip as she stared into the snapping camera, tweaking her rock-hard nipples between her tapered fingers.

"I'm starting to feel a little hot, sir," moaned Caitlin, perspiration beading her flushed brow as she continued to milk her own pendulous breasts, before tugging at her stiff strawberry nipples, a soft sigh escaping from her full, glossy lips.

The camera was snapping constantly as I took one bare-breasted picture of Caitlin after another. My own heart was racing as I looked at the bare-breasted beauty through the camera lense, after I used up half my film roll, I dared to make another suggestion to the drunk young model.


"That's beautiful, Caitlin! Do you feel good enough now to take off the thong?"

"Sure, sir," grinned Fairchild, plucking at the strings upon her curvaceous hips before she freed her thong from her crotch. Caitlin twirled her thong over her head as I started taking shots of Fairchild's naked pussy, her puffy sex gleaming wet beneath the bright lamps of the fake beach set.

Caitlin's thong went flying across my flat, Fairchild set her hands on her rounded hips, long legs set apart so her pussy gaped widely for the snapping camera. I was about to blast my pants with my spunk as I shot Caitlin standing completely nude in front of me, turning from side to side, milky mammaries in profile along with the tall redhead's luscious alabaster butt. Caitlin leaned forward so her big breasts dangled in front of the wide lense, then she thrust out her pelvis as she spread her sticky labia lips wide, her vulva glistening wet and pouting.

At my urging, the naked young woman turned her bare back to me again. She leaned forward so her gorgeous ivory ass hiked up high, her pouty pink asshole and swollen snatch clearly visible now for the snapping camera. Fairchild reached back to part her blushing buttocks for me, while she sucked on the tip of her left index finger, looking over her creamy right shoulder at the flashing camera.


Fairchild was completely hot and lost in the moment of posing nude for me. I finished shooting my roll of film, then I stood up from behind the camera and walked up behind the naked redhead, setting my hands upon her rounded rump.

Caitlin moaned as I massaged her bare butt, kneading her tight, satin-smooth assflesh with my fingers. I parted Caitlin's pearly sweetcheeks, then stuck my thumb into Fairchild's gaping asshole, working my blunt digit inside Fairchild's clenched sphincter.

Caitlin was blushing brightly, biting her raised right hand, as I fondled her luscious bare bottom, teasing her twitching bunghole and pussy. I caressed Caitlin's soft, wet, labia petals, then rolled her tingling clit between two fingers, while Caitlin gasped, swaying sensually in front of me.

"Does that feel good?" I purred, fondling Caitlin's sopping wet snatch with my fingers, scratching her puckered, pink vulva.

"Y..yes!" panted Fairchild, her naked knees knocking together as I stroked her sweet sex into a hot, sticky lather.

The smell of the naked girl's arousal made me dizzy, I folded to my knees, then rubbed my flushed face over Fairchild's mouthwatering bare butt, licking the vanilla slopes of Caitlin's quivering ass, before sticking my tongue into the nude redhead's musky crack, rimming Caitlin's pouting anus, then lapping Fairchild's dripping wet cunt, adoring the buxom beauty's tender-sweet labia and shivering clit with my tongue.

The first thick strings of Caitlin's cunnie honey oozed out of her gaping, inflamed gash. I caught the intoxicating dollops of vaginal cum upon my tongue, then my flushed face was nuzzling Fairchild's quivering alabaster ass, I was sucking hungrily from Caitlin's hot twat, drinking down the steady flow of spunk from the nude beauty's melting vagina.

Caitlin bent over, clutching her quaking knees as I pressed my eager face up against her shivering bare butt, slurping from Fairchild's squirting snatch, smearing Caitlin's cum over her throbbing pussy and puckered bung. As I nuzzled Caitlin's asscrack, I reached round the naked girl to cup her hanging, heavy breasts, I milked Fairchild's slippery tits, squeezing the smooth slopes of the panting redhead's melon mammaries.


After I had swallowed all of Fairchild's cunt spunk, Caitlin turned around and pulled me up to my feet. After I was standing, Caitlin dropped down to her naked knees in front of me, she looked up at me with her alcohol and lust-glazed green eyes as she worked my fly open, then she put her mouth inside my pants, wrapping her hungry wet lips around my cock, slurping sloppily on the entire rigid length of my rod.

I clutched at Fairchild's copper head, groaning as I worked my erection through the kneeling girl's greedily gobbling mouth. I humped between Caitlin's saliva-soaked lips, pounding down Fairchild's gulping esophogus, while Caitlin milked my swollen testicles with her massaging fingers and scratched my scrotum with her nails.

Keeping her large green eyes locked with mine, Caitlin lathered my hard cock with her tongue, covering my aching prick with gleaming strings of her saliva. Fondling my stiff dick, Fairchild lapped at my salty balls, before taking each heavy orb inside her ravenous mouth, sucking deeply on each fleshy sphere. After my balls were drenched in Fairchild's drool, she smiled and wrapped her sensual lips around my fat knob, she moaned as she suckled from the tip of my prick, tasting the salty beads of my cum oozing out of my urethra.

Hugging my quaking waist, Caitlin deepthroated me, her flushed face pressed firmly between my splayed legs as she sucked my penis faster and faster. I clung to Caitlin's bright red head, fucking the bare-breasted girl's slurping mouth harder and harder, until, with one final sharp thrust down Caitlin's gulping throat, I climaxed between Fairchild's yawning wide lips, ejaculating uncontrollably down the redhead's swallowing esophogus.

After I had shot my load, Caitlin cradled my dangling dick and licked my length clean with her cool, caressing tongue. The naked, voluptuous beauty kissed the head of my puckered penis, then she stood up to her full, impressive height, turning around to present me with her gorgeous alabaster ass, even as she reached out to clutch the two fake palm trees flanking the fake beach set.


I rested my hands on Caitlin's rounded hips, then I rubbed my rising erection over both of Fairchild's tight ivory buttocks. Caitlin sighed as I teased her gaping asshole and gleaming gash with my veined rod, then I reached between Caitlin's flushed pink thighs to pry apart the naked redhead's sticky-wet labia petals.

I pressed my knob to Caitlin's pouting vulva, then I pushed my prick through Fairchild's squishy, slippery slit. Caitlin gasped as I slowly penetrated her, working my hard-on deeper and deeper into the tall redhead's tight, clenching cunt. I hugged the naked model tightly as I pressed my crotch up against Fairchild's gleaming alabaster ass, I pressed my palms to Caitlin's fluttering stomach, then I started to hump her, plowing my cock in and out of Caitlin's yielding, slurping sex.

Caitlin arched her spine, bare, blushing butt bouncing as I rode her bucking rump. Fairchild tossed her sweaty red hair, melon mammaries swinging as she clutched the two palm trees framing her naked, writhing, sweat-sheened body.

I reached up to cup both of Caitlin's slippery, swinging tits, I milked her massive melons, teasing her tingling nipples with slow swirls of my thumbs as I humped Fairchild's bouncing bottom over and over, ramming my rod to the balls inside Caitlin's insatiable, slurping sex, while Fairchild rocked between the two swaying palm trees, sobbing, long ivory legs wobbling, as her gorgeous, gleaming, pearly white rump was furiously fucked by her panting photographer.

Tugging free my honey-drenched cock from Fairchild's gaping wide gash, I plugged Caitlin's pouty anus next, thrusting my prick deep into the buxom, bucking redhead's hot, tight rectum. Caitlin writhed wildly between the swaying palm trees as I reamed her beautiful butt in front of the bright beach set. I stuffed my shaft to the scrotum inside Fairchild's slurping sphincter, humping Caitlin's bouncing butt relentlessly until I finally filled her sweat-slick ass to overflowing with stringy, milky spoo.

After I withdrew my drained member from Fairchild's sore sphincter, glistening cum oozed out of Caitlin's throbbing anus. Caitlin panted between the two shivering palm trees, her naked, nubile body dripping wet with sex sweat from copper hair to creamy calves.


As Caitlin caught her breath, I checked the other two cameras I had set for auto shoot. I now had several rolls of me fucking my beautiful, buxom model, Hustler would pay plenty to publish a pictorial of Fairchild getting fucked and reamed on the photo set.