Green Kryptonite: Fanboy's Plaything

by PJ


Supergirl moaned weakly, leashed to a heating grate, dizzy and nauseous from the pulsating fragment of Green Kryptonite dangling above her sleeping mat, the small, hot stone dangling from a chain fastened to a picture frame hook hastily hammered into the bedroom wall. Kara shook her head to clear it of the disorienting fog that filled it, moving her head only seemed to make the dizziness worse, her temples throbbed, then her slim arms buckled and she collapsed back over her sleeping mat, gasping for breath, her breasts swelling with the effort to draw in more air.

Peter, Supergirl's young captor, shifted upon his bed, then he stretched and sat up, blinking sleep from his eyes, then smiling when he saw Supergirl lying on the floor of his bedroom, leashed and helpless from the Green Kryptonite he had discovered in the debris of Kara's last battle. Climbing out of bed, Peter padded over to Supergirl, knelt in front of her, then reached out to stroke Kara's silky blonde mane, like a master showing affection to a beloved pet.

" you..want..?" panted Supergirl, her golden lashes fluttering while Peter combed his hands through her thick, warm hair.

"I thought that was pretty clear in the van yesterday, you're going to be my sex slave from now on."

"'t..just..keep me here!" groaned Supergirl, struggling to sit up, but held down easily by the boy keeping her helpless with the glowing green stone above her.

"Oh, I think I can, Supergirl," grinned Peter, tugging up Kara's blue tunic so he could fondle her firm, milky tits. "You'll learn to like being my slave after awhile."

Supergirl shook her head in denial, then regretted it when a fresh wave of dizziness washed over her. Lying limply on her back, Supergirl whimpered as Peter groped and squeezed her pliant teenage breasts, licking her pink nipples to hardness, savoring the sweet taste of Kara's swollen breast buds.

The blonde beauty moaned when Peter dragged down her blue panties before hiking up her short red skirt and pressing his hungry mouth to Supergirl's puffy cunt mound. Kara sobbed as she felt Peter's tongue drive through her puckered vulva, Kara's satin thighs fell open, she shuddered from the sensation of Peter's eager mouth buried deep in her moist pussy, lapping the beads of sweet nectar already emerging from the folds of Supergirl's aching sex. Peter made soft mewling sounds of bliss while he ate out Supergirl's dripping cunt, Kara clawed at her mat, arching her spine sharply, open thighs quaking when Peter brought her to a violent orgasm. Panting breathlessly, Supergirl hoped that the worst was over, then she saw Peter pull down his pajamas and she knew more degradation was coming.

Gathering a handful of Supergirl's golden hair, Peter shoved Kara's face onto his crotch. Peter's thick erection rubbed across Supergirl's blushing cheeks and pert nose, Kara whimpered when her rosebud lips brushed across the engorged veins of her captor's warm meat, she gazed up at Peter with her pleading blue eyes, but the boy was merciless, he pressed the bulbous head of his prick against Supergirl's pouty mouth until she obediently parted her ruby lips and allowed Peter's cock to thrust deep down her tight throat.

Gagging on Peter's hard member, Supergirl closed her lips around the pulsating shaft and began sucking as the boy wanted her to. Clenching her tear-filled eyes shut, Supergirl sucked and slurped on the prick filling her warm, wet mouth, she lathered Peter's cock with saliva from her stroking tongue, her burning cheeks grew taut when she swallowed down every swelling inch of Peter's manhood, her small ivory teeth gently raking over the throbbing veins of Peter's growing dick.

Supergirl moaned softly when Peter exploded inside her sucking mouth, spewing warm semen down her working throat. Lifting her anguished blue eyes to her captor, Supergirl helplessly gulped down all of the groaning boy's squirting cream, the salty taste clung to her tongue after Peter slowly dragged his spent meat from Kara's slack lips.

Pushing Supergirl down to the mat again, Peter reached under his bed and withdrew a fat, pink vibrator.

"I bought this especially for you, Supergirl," grinned Peter, twisting the knob at the dildo's base to bring it to humming life.

"No..please..!" begged Kara before Peter shoved the quivering plastic rod into her drenched, sticky, fuck hole. Supergirl moaned raggedly while Peter pumped the buzzing shaft in and out of the helpless heroine's sucking pussy. Using his free hand to knead and grope Supergirl's right breast, Peter worked the shivering dildo deep into Kara's shuddering belly, every once in awhile he would drag out the sopping wet vibrator and lick Supergirl's delicious cunt juices from the plastic rod, then he would re-insert the buzzing wand into Kara's soaked pink twat, pushing the dildo through Supergirl's contracting vagina.

Sobbing breathlessly, rolling her head from side to side, Supergirl closed her hot, sticky thighs around Peter's thrusting arm. Biting down hard on her quaking lower lip, Supergirl stifled a cry of uncontrollable ecstasy when she climaxed a second time, warm honey gushing from her dildo-probed pussy.

Deeply inhaling the musky reek of Supergirl's orgasm, Peter tugged free the dripping wet dildo and licked it clean, then he shoved open Supergirl's gleaming legs and ran his tongue up and down Kara's honey-drenched thighs. Lapping his way to Supergirl's nectar-soaked pussy, Peter sucked Kara's sweet juices from her swollen labia lips and stiff clit, Supergirl whimpered weakly from the electric tingling of her aroused clitoris, she shivered from head to toe again, and a few fresh dribbles of cunnie honey drooled free from her pouting snatch.

Collecting the new beads of sweet ambrosia clinging to the flower of Supergirl's puckered sex with his tongue, Peter sat up after every glittering drop of Kara's honey was consumed. Pulling off Supergirl's blue tunic and crimson boots, Peter then freed Kara of her short skirt, depositing her clothes over her discarded blue panties. Helping the dizzy, swaying, young angel to her feet after unlocking her leash from the heating grate, Peter led Supergirl into his private bathroom, twisting on the shower so he could scrub the sticky cum from Kara's unsteady legs and her flushed, gaping pussy.