A Test of Loyalty

by PJ




Mara rolled her sensual hips, grinding her sopping wet pussy upon the clone soldier's pistoning prick. Pico gazed up at the writhing young Hand, he cradled Mara's sweat-slick breasts, kneading and milking the red-haired girl's flushed hot, pliant mammaries. Mara regarded her prone lover, she combed her right hand through her sweaty copper mane, flexing her pelvis, clenching her alabaster buttocks together while she pounded between Pico's splayed thighs, impaling her squishy snatch upon the clone's engorged, pulsating member.

Mara leaned over the panting trooper, her hanging breasts dripping with fat beads of hot perspiration, as she bounced faster and faster upon Pico's bucking lap, her pale thighs clenched tight around Pico's rolling waist, her nails dragging across the clone's gleaming, heaving chest. Mara lowered her pursed lips to Pico's rock-hard nipples, she licked the salty-sweet buds, then gnawed playfully upon them as Pico's cock plunged harder and deeper inside her contracting vagina, spearing to the hilt inside Mara's shuddering belly, till the naked Hand leaned back, arching her tingling spine, her pelvis quaking when Pico climaxed inside her, flooding her tight vagina with frothy fuck that spilled out of her yawning wide gash, making a sticky mess between Mara's parted pink thighs.

"Mmm, that was good," purred Mara, panting on top of Pico as the clone trooper hugged her slippery shape close, nuzzling his young lover's glistening, scarlet hair.

"You were incredible, as always," sighed Pico, lifting up Mara's heart-shaped face by her chin, then giving the beaming girl a hard, hungry kiss on the lips.

Mara relished the warm of Pico's naked body, she rubbed her sticky-hot pussy over the clone's spent shaft, already the limp cock was growing hard again, rising for another chance to plow Mara's insatiable sex.

The wrist chime Mara had set aside for her bout of lovemaking sounded on the floor beside Pico's bunk. Mara sighed heavily, resting her flushed cheek on Pico's sweaty chest, she licked a few gleaming beads of perspiration off of Pico's dusky skin, then she plucked up the wrist comm and glanced at the tiny holo-display.

"I've been summoned," groaned Mara.

The comm unit on Pico's wrist also chimed, the clone frowned as he read the display.

"I've been called to duty with my unit too."

"No rest for the wicked," grinned Mara, giving Pico another passionate kiss before she climbed off of the naked clone to gather up her discarded synthleathers.


Mara was dressed as an Imperial officer when she climbed off the shuttle onto the Avenger's hanger deck. Mara's green eyes widened slightly at the sight of Pico's clone trooper unit, they were assembled in two ranks, resplendent in their ivory and crimson battle armor, helmets tucked under their left arms as they stood stiffly at attention.

Captain Needa was reviewing the clones, he turned at Mara's approach, the young Hand ignored the captain's slight sneer, it was a common reaction of the male officers when one of the few women serving the Empire was assigned to them.

"Colonel," nodded Needa. "Your team has just arrived. Are you prepared to begin the mission?"

"I am, Captain," replied Mara, tucking her hands behind her back as she looked over the assembled clones, Pico maintaining his stern forward gaze when she glanced over him.

"Then I'll return to the bridge. We should enter Yavin IV's orbit in about fourteen hours."

"Very good, Captain."

Needa nodded tersely again, then presented Mara with his stiff back as he marched to the closest turbo-lift.

The clones relaxed when Needa was no longer in sight.

"What's our mission, Ma'am?" inquired the team corporal.

"We're on a Jedi hunt, we've tracked one of the last survivors of the Purge to the jungles of Yavin IV," explained Mara.

"This should be fun," grinned another of the clones.

"Report to your assigned quarters. Bunk down until we reach the Yavin system, you'll need your rest before we start our hunt. Don't underestimate this Jedi, the fewer that remain, the more cunning they get."

The clones stood stiffly and saluted Mara, then they broke ranks to head for the turbo-lifts. Pico's dark gaze lingered on Mara, but he remained with his men, leaving Mara to stand alone on the spacious hanger deck of the Star Destroyer.


The chime of Mara's cabin door rang. Mara cursed as she emerged from the shower, she scrubbed her dripping crimson hair as she padded on bare feet to the sealed hatchway.

"Who is it?"

"Lt. Pico, Ma'am."

Mara lowered the damp towel, she punched the hatch release, and Pico stood before her. The clone grinned widely at the sight of Mara's naked, glistening body, he quickly entered the dimly-lit cabin, then he took Mara into his arms when the hatch sealed shut behind him.

"You shouldn't be here, Pico," whispered Mara, even as her cheeks blushed when Pico seized her bare ass, squeezing her taut, ivory buttocks.

"I had to get another shot at this gorgeous pink ass!" growled Pico, before he nuzzled Mara's pale neck, plucking away her towel, then folding to his knees, planting warm kisses along Mara's fluttering stomach, licking round her shivering navel to the warm pink cleft between Mara's supple thighs.

Mara closed her scarlet lashes, biting her glossy lower lip as Pico lapped her swollen, aching cunt. Mara raked her fingers through Pico's black hair, she rubbed her throbbing pussy over the clone's eager, ravenous lips, then whimpered when Pico worked his tongue through Mara's pouting vulva, swirling round and round the naked Hand's melting, moist sex.

"Mmm, don't stop!" panted Mara, her hips shivering as the kneeling clone trooper ate out her soaking wet twat, slurping down the sweet juices flowing from Mara's gaping gash, perfect ivory teeth nibbling at Mara's puffy pink labia and swollen cherry clit.

Mara hugged Pico to her quaking crotch, sobbing when she climaxed inside Pico's yawning mouth, squirting her musky-sweet spunk down the clone's greedily gulping throat. Pico hugged Mara's trembling hips, lapping at the nude girl's dripping wet pussy, capturing every last, lingering droplet of honey from Mara's inflamed cunt.


" should go," moaned Mara, as Pico brought her to her bunk, bending her over the stiff bed so that her blushing pink ass hiked up high into the recycled air.

"I want to hump your butt first," groaned Pico, cradling his ready cock, rubbing the swollen knob over both of Mara's pearly buttocks before he pressed his prick through Mara's asscrack, parting the sticky-sweet lips of Mara's throbbing pussy.

Mara gasped when Pico rammed through her squishy vulva, she clutched the edge of the bunk, writhing underneath the clone trooper as he enthusiastically pounded his commanding officer's alabaster butt, thrusting hard and deep into Mara's slurping snatch, the nude Hand tossing her shoulder-length copper mane, arching her shivering spine as her rump was humped faster and faster, Pico teasing Mara's puckered pink sphincter with his blunt right thumb while he penetrated Mara relentlessly.

Mara clenched her emerald eyes shut, whimpering in bliss when Pico climaxed inside her, leaving streaks of semen dripping down her splayed, ivory legs.

Pico caught a handful of Mara's sweat-slick hair, they kissed deeply, ravenous lips locked together, mingled saliva spilling down their chins as their tongues flicked and danced.

"Don't worry, Ma'am, I'll be watching your back," smiled Pico, giving Mara's rounded rump a stinging slap that made the young Hand wiggle.


The shuttle touched down without incident. The ramp cycled open, and Mara climbed down flanked by Pico and the clone corporal.

The muggy heat of the jungle took Mara's breath away. The beautiful Hand immediately broke out into a sweat, she licked salty moisture from her upper lip as the clone team spread out, armored and masked, levelling their heavy blaster rifles at the veiling vines and thick undergrowth of the steamy forest.

"The Jedi has plenty of hiding places here, Ma'am," said Pico, his warm voice given a mechanical tang by his helmet comm unit.

"We'll check the abandoned temples first," nodded Mara. "Make the assignments, I'll check out that big pyramid to the north."

"Do you want an escort, Ma'am?" inquired Pico.

"No, I can take care of myself," smiled Mara, patting the blaster pistol and lightsaber clipped to her low-hanging silver belt.

Pico nodded, then motioned for his team to head out into the steamy jungle. Mara stood alone beside the shuttle, she took a deep breath, then closed her scarlet lashes, reaching out with the Force.

The Force flooded over Mara like the oppressive heat of the jungle. Multiple currents flowed and mingled, Mara couldn't make any sense of it, finding the Jedi with the Force alone would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Mara reluctantly opened her bright emerald eyes, she would have to search each of the planet's ruins until the Jedi's lair could be found.


Heading north, Mara halted briefly to unzip the front of her synthsuit. She tucked her ivory arms free of her scarlet sleeves, then she tied her empty sleeves round her slender waist, leaving her upper torso bare except for a forest-green halter top that clung wetly to the slopes of Mara's pert breasts. Mara used a technique to ward her body from the extreme heat and humidity, and for once the exercise worked, Mara could breathe easier through the jungle's steaming miasma.

Mara tried to reach out to Pico as she worked her way through the dense jungle, but something prevented the Hand from connecting, it was strange, as if Pico's thoughts melted beneath Mara's probing tendrils, it was the same for all of the clones of Pico's unit.


Mara clawed her way out of the jungle, she sighed with relief when she entered the clearing of the old temple, the pyramid was wreathed in vines and perfumed flowers, its stone surface was cracked and pitted by weather and age.

Mara felt a familiar tingling at the base of her skull, the Force warning her of imminent danger. The young Hand unclipped her lightsaber, but she didn't ignite the weapon, she merely held it lightly in her right hand as she approached the yawning mouth of the temple's wide entrance.

Light lamps flickered on at Mara's approach to the wide entrance. A long tunnel led deeper into the ancient building, Mara entered it, grateful for the cool shade the passage offered, an escape from the sweltering heat of the forest.

Mara walked quietly down the long corridor, she spotted a few empty crates that could have contained supplies, but no definite sign that the Jedi sheltered here.

Mara came to a meeting of four tunnels, there was light to the left, so Mara took that tunnel, she reached out with her senses, she thought she heard male voices conversing, but the Force was still too confusing to decipher.


Mara emerged into what appeared to be a hanger bay. There was a shuttle parked to Mara's right, and directly ahead, standing at the hanger's wide entrance, was Pico's team, standing round a tall man with ragged dark brown hair, his beard scruffy and unkept as he spun about at Mara's approach.

"The Sith bitch! Take her!" shouted the Jedi, stabbing at the gaping Hand with his left index finger.

Mara's astonishment grew when the clones ignited crimson lightsabers. Pico held back, shame upon his dark face, as the rest of his squad charged Mara, who swiftly brought up her own violet beamblade to meet the clone troopers' charge.




Mara backpedaled as the first two masked clone troopers lunged at her, slashing and stabbing with their humming scarlet lightsabers. Mara batted aside the attacks, then she riposted, separating the first trooper's swordarm at the elbow, then performing a backhand slash that took off the second clone's helmeted head.

The decapitated corpse dropped heavily to the hanger floor while the handless trooper clutched his smoldering appendage. More lightsaber wielding soldiers charged around their fallen comrades, hacking and stabbing at Mara, who deftly parried the flurry of beamblades slashing wildly at her.

Mara leapt straight up into the air, she curled into a ball and spun end over end, arcing over the massing clones, then landing lightly on her feet, slashing with her lightsaber using both hands, cutting down three clones before the others could spin to face their nimble adversary. A few troopers lingering back switched their lightsabers for their blaster rifles, ruby bolts hissed through the air around Mara, but she was one with the Force, she dodged and deflected the firestorm of blaster bolts, then sent several bolts back to strike the clones in their armored chests.

Pico hung back behind the rogue Jedi. The tall, bearded Jedi watched the battle with growing impatience, then he ignited his emerald lightsaber, before launching into the air, spinning head over heels to drop close to Mara, slashing at the young woman as she gutted two more clones with her throbbing violet beamblade.

Mara sensed the Jedi's attack, she crouched low, the Jedi's green lightsaber searing the air where her waist had been a moment before. Bending over backward, Mara slashed at the Jedi's legs, but the bearded man anticipated Mara's attack, he leapt over the shimmering violet beam, landing in front of the crouching Hand, then extending his left arm, slamming Mara with a Force Push that sent Mara hurtling across the hanger, to land in a heap at Pico's feet.

"Pico..," groaned Mara, looking up at her scowling clone lover.

Pico hefted his blaster rifle, and slammed the butt into Mara's left temple.


Mara groaned, her left temple throbbing, as her suspended body spun slowly in circles, caught in a crackling levitation field. Metal cuffs were locked around Mara's spread-eagled wrists and ankles, the snapping restraints kept Mara pinned in place, a fly trapped in amber.

Mara blinked a few times to clear her fuzzy vision, she spied her lightsaber on a nearby table, along with her silver belt and blaster pistol. Mara flexed the fingers of her left hand, her scarlet lashes fluttering as she tried to summon the Force.

The collar at Mara's throat snapped and sizzled, Mara's emerald eyes went wide as her throat was seized and squeezed by the constricting neck restraint. Mara released the Force, and the collar expanded, the captive Hand could breathe again.

The cell's hatchway split open, Pico entered, garbed in his white and red clone trooper armor, but his head and hands bare.

"I'm sorry, Mara," apologized Pico, his handsome, dusky face wracked with guilt. "I had hoped you wouldn't find my master's base, but your senses were too keen, I underestimated your skills as the Emperor's Hand."

"You..use lightsabers?"

"My master is teaching us the ways of the Jedi, he hopes to build an army to restore the Republic."

"Why do you..follow him?" groaned Mara, her throat raw and parched, her outstretched limbs stiff in their crackling bonds.

"He showed us the true nature of the Force, and of the Emperor who treats us as no better than pawns. You think the Emperor cares for you because you are his Hand, but you're as disposable as we clones are, Mara! Cast aside your oaths to the Empire! Join us! We can be together, Mara!"

Mara dropped her head, her beautiful face veiled by her bright copper hair. Finally, Mara lifted her sparkling emerald eyes, she gazed down at the clone trooper.

"I swore to obey my master, to preserve and protect the Empire. I won't break my oath, I am the Emperor's Hand."


"Mara, please!" begged Pico, just before the rogue Jedi entered through the open hatchway.

"I told you she would not join us. She is the Emperor's puppet. She must be broken, then sent back to Palpatine as a message: his power does not extend without limit, and his time is coming to an end."

"Master..please!" Pico exclaimed, almost breaking into tears when the Jedi turned his back on Mara.

The Jedi laid a comforting hand upon Pico's armored shoulder. "It must be this way, my son. Come away. Let your brothers do their work."

Mara gulped as the Jedi led Pico out of the domed cell. Two burly clones came into the room, they were dressed in their black synthspandex bodysuits, the elastic underlayer of their trooper armor. Mara licked her dry lips when she saw the ready erections of both clone soldiers, the older clone who was missing his left eye regarded Mara hungrily, practically salivating at the sight of the hanging young woman. The younger clone went to the control panel for Mara's suspension field, he shut down the field, and Mara dropped down, right into One-Eye's waiting arms.

"The master ordered us to break you," explained One-Eye while he set Mara down on her feet, before taking each of Mara's wrists to unlock her heavy cuffs. "That doesn't mean this has to be unpleasant. Yield to us, and we'll do our best not to hurt you."

Mara rubbed her wrists, regarding both clones warily. Mara's weapons were tucked into the corner of the cell, she would have to get past both muscular troopers to reach them.


For once, Mara was grateful for her lessons in seduction. Smiling warmly, Mara reached for the tongue of the front zipper of her synthleather body stocking, she slowly dragged the zipper down, between her pert breasts, over her taut stomach, and finally down to her crotch, where just a hint of scarlet pubic hair teased the wide-eyed, panting men.

Mara turned her back on the gaping clones. Looking at the men over her left shoulder, Mara peeled off her suit from her creamy white shoulder, she slowly pulled her slender left arm out of its sleek scarlet sleeve, then she stripped bare her right arm, the empty upper portion of her synthsuit now hanging from her shapely waist, her alabaster back laid naked for her flushed audience.

Mara smiled at the two perspiring clones, she crossed her ivory arms over her bare breasts, then wiggled her bottom, tempting One-Eye to complete her disrobing. The scruffy soldier needed no further coaxing, he rushed up to Mara, tugged down on her suit, so that the sheer synthleather peeled down her slim, ivory legs, her bare butt mouthwatering and tight.

Leaving Mara's suit tangled about her ankles, One-Eye squatted underneath Mara's ivory ass, he cupped both luscious buttocks, then started licking the young Hand's pearly asscheeks, smearing Mara's trembling rump with streaks of gleaming saliva.

The younger clone circled round Mara and her ass-worshipping captor. The boy folded to his knees in front of Mara, he laid his hands upon Mara's blushing pink thighs, then he nuzzled Mara's crotch, licking her puffy pink labia, burying his nose in Mara's tuft of bright scarlet bush.

Mara whimpered, cupping and squeezing her soft, flushed hot breasts while both clones nuzzled and licked her swollen cunt and puckered sphincter. Mara nibbled her lower lip when she felt One-Eye rimming her anus with his tongue, lathering her pouty pink bung while the young clone gnawed and lapped Mara's aching clit and dripping wet vulva.

Mara sobbed when both clones stuck their eager tongues inside her ready, willing holes. One-Eye pistoned his tongue through Mara's gaping asshole, kneading the young Hand's blushing pink buttocks while he tongued Mara's rectum furiously and deep. The young clone swirled his tongue inside Mara's melting vagina, coaxing out more and more hot, sweet, musky juices as Mara writhed between the two crouched clones, tweaking her engorged cherry nipples, saliva spilling down her slack chin as she plunged over the edge into orgasm, her sensual hips shuddering, her pussy exploding with sticky-sweet spunk that drenched the young clone's upturned, ecstatic face.


While One-Eye kept his scruffy face buried in Mara's musky-hot asscrack, the young clone stood up, peeling open his synthsuit so that his ready cock lay bare for Mara. The beautiful copper-haired Hand bent over low, her alabaster ass hiking up as she lowered her gaping lips to the clone's veined, rock-hard prick.

Mara closed her emerald eyes as she sucked off the moaning clone. Mara worked her gleaming cherry lips up and down the young clone's hot, throbbing cock, she lathered the boy's dick with her cool, caressing tongue, then she suckled on the whimpering clone's engorged knob, tasting semen on her tongue as she lapped at the groaning boy's urethra.

The young clone clutched Mara's head, he held her skull tightly while he humped Mara's slurping, sloppy wet mouth, Mara taking the boy down her gulping throat, moaning softly as she sucked the clone's prick deeper and deeper, saliva and semen oozing off her gleaming chin until the gasping boy climaxed inside Mara's warm-wet mouth, swelling Mara's blushing cheeks with salty spunk.

One-Eye was lapping Mara's squishy snatch when she climaxed in his scruffy face, showering the crouched clone in warm, musky-hot cunt honey. One-Eye held his mouth wide open to capture the warm rain, then he stood up, massaging Mara's upraised ass, as he released his own pulsating prick, rubbing the oozing knob over both of Mara's gorgeous vanilla buttocks before he shoved his cock deep into Mara's tight pussy.

Mara moaned around her mouthful of semen-soaked cock, her folded body bucked as One-Eye humped her ass, pounding hard and deep between Mara's splayed, ivory legs. Mara continued to suck off the young clone's prick while she took One-Eye into her slurping slit, cum and cunt juices pouring down her bare lower limbs.

The young clone tugged his spent shaft clear of Mara's semen-soaked lips, he worked his limp dick between Mara's warm, flushed pink tits, squeezing Mara's soft mammaries together while One-Eye pulled his pounding cock out of Mara's pussy to spear her yawning wide sphincter.

Mara hugged the young clone's waist while she rocked between the two soldiers, her upraised ass bucking wildly while One-Eye impaled her tight rectum, pistoning through her clenched anus till the grizzled soldier exploded inside Mara's bucking butt, his fuck spilling out of Mara's sore bung to streak her shivering asscheeks.


The two clones left Mara huddled on the cell floor, covered in cum and sticky sweat. Mara panted raggedly for breath, she wiped her filthy mouth with the back of her right hand, then she glanced at the table where her weapons had been laid, everything was gone, taken while Mara had been sandwiched between the two humping, horny clones.


The rogue Jedi licked his lips as he gazed at the security cam from Mara's cell. Pico stood beside his master, he tried to hide his distaste when the Jedi betrayed his obvious arousal at the sight of the young Hand being raped by the two clones.

"She is close to breaking, but not quite. The Force is strong in this one," panted the Jedi, wiping at his beading brow. "I see that I will have to complete the girl's degradation myself."

"As you wish, master," nodded Pico, only his dark, cold gaze hinting at his growing unease and distrust of the Jedi.




The Jedi opened the reinforced hatchway of Mara's cell, to find the nude redhead examining every inch of the domed stone chamber's featureless walls.

"There is no escape, Sith," growled the grizzled Jedi, allowing the hatch to seal shut behind him. "You will be broken here, and if you do not break, you will die."

"You do not speak like a Jedi," retorted Mara, facing the tall man without shame of her nudity. "Perhaps it is not I who is broken, but you. Have the years of running and hiding from my lord Emperor shattered your high ideals?"

The Jedi snarled and thrust out his right hand. Mara grasped at her constricted throat, even as her naked body was plucked up from the floor, her pale legs kicking as the life was choked out of her.

"Your Emperor is Sith filth! When I've raised my righteous army, I shall burn your foul master's palace just like he razed the Jedi Temple!"

Mara clawed at the collar locked round her contorting neck. Every time Mara touched the restraint, her fingers were shocked numb. Mara couldn't summon the Force to her aid, she was completely at the mad Jedi's mercy.


The hot-eyed Jedi curled a finger, and Mara floated across the cell to him. The Jedi eased his invisible grip upon Mara's bruised throat, he sighed as he reached up to caress Mara's hanging body, warm fingers stroking Mara's alabaster skin from her pert, heaving breasts to her shapely, well-rounded hips.

"I shall take pleasure bending this luscious body to my will," purred the Jedi, before he started planting kisses along Mara's fluttering stomach, his blunt fingers probing between Mara's dangling legs, working Mara's puffy pink pussy.

Mara's scarlet lashes fluttered. She moaned softly as the Jedi licked round her pouty navel, while his exploring fingers spread wide Mara's swollen, moist labia, his index finger lightly scratching Mara's engorged cherry clit. Mara's pelvis shuddered, and she whimpered when hot juices started to spill from her gaping wide cunt, dripping down her slim, ivory legs.

"Sith slut," mocked the rogue Jedi, before he buried his bearded face in Mara's gleaming crotch, lapping the sweet-sticky honey oozing out of Mara's yawning twat.

Mara's shaking hands folded into fists, she hung spread-eagled in mid-air as the Jedi devoured her melting hot snatch, plunging his eager tongue into Mara's squishy hole, coaxing more and more intoxicating juices out of the naked redhead's sopping wet pussy.

Mara's dangling toes curled when the crotch-nuzzling Jedi brought her to climax, her bare belly shivering as she squirted her spunk all over the groaning, cunt-lapping Jedi's flushed face. The rogue Jedi revelled beneath the hot, sweet spray, then he resumed sucking and slurping on Mara's tender-sweet, swollen labia, gnawing on Mara's throbbing clit till the naked Hand tossed back her sweaty copper hair and sobbed huskily.


The Jedi made a turning motion with his right hand, and Mara's levitating body spun slowly, until her bare butt was floating just above the Jedi's ready erection. The rogue Jedi seized Mara's naked ass, squeezing and kneading the firm, rounded, alabaster buttocks, spreading Mara's asscheeks apart to leer at the nude girl's dripping wet pussy and puckered pink bung.

Mara dropped down a few more inches, till she could feel the Jedi's fat knob rubbing against her pouting, glistening wet vulva. Mara squeezed her emerald eyes shut, then she gasped when the Jedi impaled her upon his jutting prick, working Mara's tight, squishy pussy up and down his veined, throbbing member.

The panting Jedi hugged Mara's bucking waist, his warm hands caressing Mara's creamy, bare belly while she pistoned up and down her captor's engorged cock. Mara sobbed softly while the Jedi's manhood plowed fast and deep into her slurping, squeezing vagina, hot juices pouring down her dangling legs, dripping from her bare pink toes.

"The Sith slut likes it!" purred the Jedi in Mara's left ear, before he took the tender lobe between his gnawing teeth, even as his blunt fingers played with Mara's tingling clit, stroking the hard nub while the Jedi's thick prick pumped between Mara's splayed, flushed pink thighs, making wet, squishy sounds as the shaft speared deep into Mara's constricting vagina.

Mara's hips rolled, her bare ass pounded between the Jedi's parted legs as she was violently, vigorously penetrated over and over by the mad Jedi. When he had enough of Mara's drooling pussy, the Jedi rammed his meat through the naked redhead's puckered anus, reaming Mara's hot, hungry asshole and thrusting deep into the sobbing Hand's clenched rectum.

At last the Jedi climaxed over Mara's bobbing butt. Sticky hot semen soaked both of Mara's blushing buttocks, Mara whimpered, hanging limply in mid-air, as milky discharge ran down her dangling legs to form a gleaming pool beneath her bare feet.

Rubbing his dick clean over Mara's semen-splattered ass, the gasping Jedi levitated Mara back into her suspension field, wrist and ankle restraints floating up from the floor to lock in place upon Mara's spread-eagled limbs once more. The crackling containment field snapped back to life, and Mara resumed slowly spinning round and round, helpless in her glowing bonds.


Pico was waiting outside Mara's cell when the Jedi emerged, smoothing down his disheveled robes.

"The Sith slut will not break. Kill her," ordered the Jedi, before he strode down the stone corridor of the ancient temple, confident the clone would obey his command.


Mara lifted her head from her sweaty bosom, and her eyes burned gold with the anger boiling within her heaving chest. With a flick of her right hand, the suspension field snapped off, Mara dropped lightly to her feet, landing in a low crouch, her collar snapping and sparking as it tried to restrain the enraged Hand.

Mara was tearing off the crackling collar when Pico entered the cell, blaster rifle held limply in his gloved hands. Pico's dark eyes went wide at the sight of Mara freed and uncollared, then he grunted when Mara thrust out her left arm, hurtling the clone out of the cell with a Force Push.

Pico smashed against the temple wall, he slumped down with a groan, barely conscious as Mara squatted beside him, taking his belt and clipped lightsaber.

"Sorry," smirked Mara, before she gave the dull-eyed clone a kiss on the cheek. "Don't follow me."

Mara went back into the cell briefly to slip back into her skintight leathers, then she locked Pico's gear belt around her shapely waist, unclipping the silver lightsaber hilt before she returned to the corridor and started sprinting down it, leaving Pico in her wake.

Pico regarded his blaster rifle that lay within reach, he could take a parting shot at Mara's back, but for some reason, he didn't attempt to grab the weapon, he merely watched Mara's retreating figure, admiring the lithe young woman's lovely bottom.


Mara ignited Pico's crimson lightsaber when she came within sight of two patrolling clones. At the sight of Mara charging them, the clones activated their own crimson beamblades, they set themselves for Mara's attack, and died when Mara cut them down in a blinding blur, both soldiers' helmeted heads flying from their smoldering necks.

Mara slaughtered every clone she came into contact with. The Force sang in Mara's veins, the Dark Side's power suffused the young Hand's slender frame as she hunted down and killed every servant of the mad Jedi.

Mara caught up with One-Eye and the boy clone in the mess hall. The boy clone died screaming, impaled by Mara's humming lightsaber. One-Eye wiped at his grizzled mouth, smoothly igniting his own crimson lightsaber, circling round with Mara, his dark eyes glittering.

"I'll try not to damage you too much, bitch," sneered One-Eye, swirling his lightsaber in tight arcs. "I'd like one more good fuck with that sweet body of yours before I cut you apart."

Mara's golden eyes burned brighter, she lunged at the clone, swatting his lightsaber aside even as One-Eye gaped at her lightning speed, then the clone screamed in brutal agony when Mara shoved her lightsaber through his crotch, searing his cock from his shuddering body.

Mara relished the clone's howls, then she grew bored and slashed across the soldier's armored chest, silencing the shrieking warrior.


Mara lowered her throbbing lightsaber, she could feel the Jedi coming, his anger a beacon that called to her rage-filled heart.

"Mara," said Pico softly, before he raised the lightsaber he had taken from the dead young clone.

Mara brandished her crimson beamblade, she was panting, perspiration gleaming across her rage-contorted face.

"I told you not to come after me!"

"I have my duty to my master, the same as you do," said Pico, before he raised his lightsaber with both hands and charged Mara.

Mara's golden eyes faded to green, she retreated from Pico, racing out of the mess hall, down a long corridor to the temple's wide exit, where she plunged back into the steamy jungle, her breath coming in sharp, ragged gasps.

Pico pursued Mara, they ranged round the temple's base, exchanging blows when they came close, then separating, as Mara tried to put distance between herself and the implacable clone.


At last Mara stumbled and dropped heavily to the ground. Pico was right behind her, he raised his lightsaber, stared down at the young Hand as he brought the humming beamblade to bear in a vicious, plunging slash.

Pico's guilt-wracked eyes went wide when Mara's lightsaber shoved through his chest, punching out his back. Sighing, his armored shoulders slumping, Pico let his lightsaber fall from slack fingers, he dropped heavily to his knees, then keeled over, until Mara caught him, easing him gently onto his back.

"Pico!" wept Mara, cupping the clone's cool cheeks, planting kisses over the blinking young man's face.

"Mara," smiled the clone, combing his gloved hand through Mara's shimmering copper hair. "I be with you. I love you."

Pico's hand dropped from Mara's scarlet mane, the young Hand screamed, clutching the dead clone to her shuddering breasts.


"So, you've killed them all. No matter, it's an easy task to find more clones," shrugged the Jedi, his emerald lightsaber humming at his side.

Mara's eyes flared with gold flame, she charged the Jedi, shrieking, slashing wildly with her crimson lightsaber.

The rogue Jedi parried Mara's blows easily at first, but the Hand's assault did not weaken or waver, she kept forcing him back, until the Jedi was retreating up the temple tiers, leaping from one wide ledge to another with Mara hot on his heels, slashing, stabbing, hot tears streaming down her flushed cheeks as she cried for the Jedi's blood.

At the temple's summit Mara pinned the Jedi down. While the dropping sun turned the sky blood-red, Mara slashed and hacked at the desperate Jedi, attacking his defenses over and over, folding over when the gasping man struck her with another Force Push, sending her spinning end over end, to land on her feet once more, her swordarm cocking back, then lancing through the Jedi's defense screen, ramming her beamblade through the astonished Jedi's stomach.

Screaming with all her hate and sorrow, Mara sliced off the paralyzed Jedi's slack arms, then took off his head, before she kicked the decapitated corpse off the temple's lonely peak to roll down the face of the great pyramid.

Her body wracked by violent sobs, Mara clung to her humming lightsaber, then she shut it down and flung it away, dropping to her knees, burying her weeping face in her hands.


The stars were glittering and bright when Mara set the torch to Pico's armored body, the clone resting upon a pyre of gathered wood and sweet-smelling leaves. Mara watched the flames consume her lover's body, she flung the flickering torch into the roaring blaze, then she turned her back on the rising bonfire, heading for the temple to board the Jedi's stolen shuttle.


Mara knelt before Vader as he read the datapad with her report upon it. Vader sat within his private sanctum, long legs folded beneath him, as the gleaming black lenses that served as his eyes worked down the scrolling azure script.

"Very good," growled Vader, levitating the pad back to Mara's waiting hand. "You stopped a mutiny and killed another rogue Jedi. The Emperor will be pleased."

"There was one clone..Pico..he helped.."

"He was a traitor, the same as the rest of his squad. He will be recorded as such in the archives of the Empire," snapped the dark lord.

Mara lowered her head, she allowed her copper bangs to veil her disturbed expression.

"Your feelings betray you, young Hand," rebuked Vader mildly. "You felt some affection for this Pico?"

Mara mutely nodded.

"You are no longer my apprentice, Mara Jade. You are a Sith. To be a Sith is to be alone, you see this now?"

Mara lifted her pale face, her eyes burned gold. "I do, my lord."

The End