Women of War

by PJ


Power Girl bucked underneath Drake as the grunting son of Ares thrust repeatedly into Karen's hot, slurping snatch. The buxom blonde clung to Drake's muscular frame, her pale legs wrapped around the rocking demigod, while Drake lowered his flushed face to lick Power Girl's sweaty, swinging tits.

Karen closed her ecstatic blue eyes and laid her honey blonde head back as Drake redoubled the ferocity of his pelvic thrusts, pounding into Power Girl's juicy pussy, as Karen writhed wildly underneath Drake and panted over the naked demigod's shoulder.

Drake cupped Power Girl's beautiful alabaster buttocks as he shoved his thick prick to the hilt inside the nude Kryptonian's clenched tight twat. Power Girl arched her spine, shuddering from head to toe as she climaxed beneath Drake.

Drake made one final sharp thrust into Power Girl's sucking sex, then he gasped while he ejaculated into Karen's shivering stomach. Power Girl hugged Drake tightly as she took the son of Ares' hot seed inside her belly, until Karen's womb was filled with Drake's cum.


Drake rested on top of Power Girl, catching his breath, squeezing Karen's sweat slick buttocks while he nuzzled Power Girl's heavy, swelling, bare breasts.

Drake finally climbed off of Karen. He donned a flowing white robe, then combed out his shoulder length silver white hair.

"Where are you going, Drake? Come back to bed. I'll suck it," purred Power Girl, cupping her sweat sheened left breast.

"You've become an evil temptress, Karen," sighed Drake, smiling at the outstretched nude woman upon his bed. "Unfortunately, I have work to do for my father. The army is almost assembled. After I recruit a few more warriors, we'll be ready to attack Paradise Island."

"That's good. I'm getting bored with all this waiting," pouted Power Girl, releasing her bare breast to comb her left hand through her tangled blonde hair.

"A new batch of recruits has arrived from one of my father's training camps, perhaps you can find a pretty thing to kill some time with?"

Karen licked her puffy pink lips. "Mmm, that's a good idea, Drake."


The son of Ares left his chamber, leaving Karen alone in a tangle of sweat soaked silk sheets. Power Girl reached for the floor and picked up her discarded costume, she donned the tight white spandex, then draped on her short crimson cape before leaving Drake's room and heading into the main cave of Ares' underground lair.

The heat from flowing magma shimmered through the spacious cave in waves as naked girls practiced battle drills under the watchful eye of a woman dressed in studded black leather. The auburn maned woman wielded a three tongued flog with cruel pleasure, she lashed a nude girl's luscious rump every time a naked female made a mistake or performed an action too slowly for the trainer's liking.

Power Girl looked over the assembled young women, she found a few she wouldn't mind bedding, when a petite blonde in a black halter top and matching mini strolled up to the voluptuous Kryptonian.

"Fancy meeting you here, Karen," smirked Supergirl.

Power Girl gaped as she stared at the black clad teenager. Kara was wearing the evil version of her costume, the little blonde had once again transformed into Dark Supergirl.

An evil energy radiated off of Supergirl's skinny frame. Power Girl recognized it as some form of Kryptonite, but the radiation was so weak Karen couldn't identify the type. Power Girl guessed that Kara was somehow under the influence of Black Kryptonite, since that was how Dark Supergirl first emerged on the Moon.

"Are you looking for a playmate, Karen?" smirked Supergirl, sidling up beside Karen and rubbing her crotch against Power Girl's pale left thigh. "I know that horny look on your face."

Supergirl's right hand slipped underneath Power Girl's costume, the teenage Kryptonian fondled Karen's firm left buttock, then poked Power Girl's asshole with the tip of her index finger.

"Let's go back to Drake's room," said Power Girl huskily, enjoying Supergirl's fondling of her bottom as she led the petite, black clad blonde back to Drake's cave chamber.


As soon as they were alone in Drake's room, Supergirl shoved Karen onto Drake's big bed. Supergirl pulled off her tight black top, Kara's cherry red nipples were rock hard as she deeply inhaled the stink of sex permeating the candle lit cave.

"I can't wait for Drake to fuck me," sighed Supergirl, before she climbed into bed with Power Girl, and pulled apart Karen's long legs by her naked knees.

"Mmm, I can still smell Drake's cock in your pussy," drooled Supergirl, before she dropped her blonde head between Power Girl's splayed thighs and started to lick Karen's cum covered cunnie after pulling aside the spandex over Power Girl's crotch.

Power Girl moaned as she felt the young Kryptonian's tongue stroke her sticky labia petals before Kara's deft tongue swirled around Karen's quivering clitoris. Fresh honey started to ooze out of Power Girl's fucked raw twat, Karen held her ivory legs wide apart while Supergirl sloppily sucked on the buxom blonde's sopping wet slit.

As she worked her wet tongue up and down Power Girl's twitching vulva, Supergirl poked Karen's gaping anus with her left index finger. Supergirl wiggled her digit deep inside Karen's warm rectum, never stopping her tongue worship of Power Girl's inflamed, soaking wet fuckhole.

Power Girl bit her lower lip as she clutched at Supergirl's golden head nestled between her wide open legs. Power Girl rubbed her squishy snatch all over Supergirl's pouty mouth, she fucked Kara's plunging tongue, until she showered Supergirl's angelic face with warm, musky spunk.

Supergirl batted her blonde lashes as she lapped at Power Girl's ejaculating cunt. Kara locked her ravenous lips upon Power Girl's gushing gash, she swallowed the steady flow of cum squirting from Karen's discharging twat.


After she licked Power Girl's filthy wet pussy clean, Supergirl peeled off her black panties, then hiked up her short black skirt before straddling Power Girl's strong shoulders. Honey splashed across Karen's flushed face from Supergirl's dripping wet cunnie, Supergirl sat down on Power Girl's face, grinding her cum drenched pussy over Karen's puffy pink lips.

Power Girl wrapped her taut arms around Supergirl's skinny waist. Karen sucked hungrily upon Kara's drooling coochie, she wormed her tongue deep into Supergirl's squishy vagina, coaxing more hot cum out of Supergirl's swollen snatch.

Supergirl clutched at Power Girl's skull as she fucked the supine blonde's cum covered face. Kara tossed her long blonde hair, bucking, rocking her bony hips, as she rode Power Girl's penetrating tongue, a sinuous, slippery snake that wiggled deep into Supergirl's tight teen vagina.

Power Girl fondled Supergirl's bouncing buttocks as she tongue fucked the panting young Kryptonian. Karen squeezed both of Kara's taut teen sweetcheeks, then she spread Supergirl's blushing buttocks, to finger Kara's puckered pink asshole.

"Mmm..yes..stick your dirty finger inside my slutty little asshole!" groaned Supergirl as she sat upon Power Girl's flushed face.

Power Girl gnawed on Supergirl's erect clit while she plugged Kara's bunghole with her index finger. Supergirl sobbed and rocked faster on top of Power Girl, she held her short black skirt up as Karen tongued deep into the teen girl's juicy pussy while finger reaming Supergirl's clenched rectum.

Supergirl writhed on top of Power Girl, then gasped when she reached her peak and showered Karen in sweet smelling cunt cum.

"Drink it! Swallow every drop of my fuck!" demanded Supergirl, as she held her gushing gash over Power Girl's wide open mouth, ejaculating down Karen's greedily gulping throat.

Power Girl swallowed all of Supergirl's spunk, then licked Kara's sticky teenage twat clean. Karen continued to finger fuck Supergirl's clenched anus while Kara grinned and fondled Power Girl's melon sized mammaries underneath her.


The two nude Kryptonian blondes fondled and fingered each other until Drake returned, then the son of Ares plowed the wet, warm holes of both nude beauties.