Harry noticed that Ginny sat very close to Hermione at breakfast the next day. Ginny leaned into Hermione to whisper something in Granger's ear, Harry didn't hear what was exchanged, but it made Hermione's cheeks burn and Ginny burst into a fit of wicked giggles that made even Ron arch a crimson eyebrow.

Harry tried to put the incident out of his mind, but for some reason, it gnawed at him all during his classes. Hermione tried to talk with Harry during Potions, but Harry pretended to be engrossed with Slughorn's latest assignment. When the puffed up professor once again reminded the class about his imminent party, Harry felt ready to scream, but he settled for gritting his teeth and escaping the dungeon as quickly as he could.

Quidditch almost always raised Harry's spirits. In the locker room, Harry changed into his Quidditch robes, then he marched out to join his teammates on the flying field. Passing the doorway to the girls' side of the locker room, Harry chanced a peek, and found Ginny slipping into her robes, flashing Harry a mouthwatering glance of the Weasley girl's cotton panties.

Ginny's crimson robes fell down to her ankles, she smoothed the robes down, then happened to glance over her shoulder, discovering Harry peeping at her. Ginny's cheeks burned bright scarlet, she bit her lower lip, but she didn't cry out for the other girls on the team, she merely met Harry's gaze, until Harry swallowed and left the locker room with his heart pounding so loud his temples throbbed.

It was a good practice, but Ginny seemed as distracted as Harry. After a few practice games, Harry called it a day and told everyone to hit the showers, he descended onto the green gliding atop his broom, when he set down, Ginny landed beside him.

"Is something wrong, Harry? You weren't playing your usual excellent game today."

"Hmm? No, everything's fine, Ginny. Are you..?" blushed Harry.

"Am I what, Harry?" asked the red-haired witch girl.

"Nevermind," waved off Harry, clutching his broom as he walked briskly to the locker room to shower.


Harry left the showers scrubbing his dark brown hair. Standing before his locker, Harry reached in to put his glasses back on, he glanced at the girls' locker room door, steam was billowing out, one of the girls was still bathing.

Before he realized it, Harry was walking to the doorway again, he looked inside, all of the other girls had already dressed and went back to the Gryffindor common, Harry was alone with whomever was still taking their shower.

Harry tiptoed to the shower area, he slowly stuck his head inside, and gulped when he found Ginny beneath the hot, hissing spray, raking her fingers through her long, shimmering, scarlet curls.

Ginny opened her eyes when she heard Harry's heavy panting. Blinking water from her crimson lashes, Ginny blushed beneath the glittering spray, but she made no move to cover her naked, glistening breasts or puffy pussy.

"What are you doing here, Harry?" murmured Ginny, turning to face the flush-faced, gaping wizard.

Without a word, Harry peeled off his robes, he walked naked to where Ginny waited, then he took the nude Weasley girl into his arms, he kissed Ginny, softly at first, then with a growing, urgent need.

Ginny whimpered softly, pressing her small hands against Harry's bare chest, parting her soft, glossy lips for Harry's exploring tongue. Harry's hands fell from Ginny's bony teenage hips to the tight swells of her alabaster buttocks, Harry squeezed Ginny's luscious rump as he nuzzled the moaning witch girl's pale throat, licking her creamy neck and freckled shoulders.

Ginny lowered her hands to Harry's rising cock, she fondled the boy's swelling member, her cool fingers tracing the pulsating veins of Harry's hot meat, until she pinched Harry's throbbing knob, milking the young wizard's shaft until pre-cum oozed from Harry's puckered urethra.


Harry pillowed his flushed face between Ginny's pert, pale breasts. Shower water ran down Harry's fogged glasses as he licked Ginny's sweet mammaries, lapping at the moaning Weasley girl's engorged cherry nipples. Harry milked Ginny's pubescent tits with his hands as he suckled on her sweet breast buds, Ginny nuzzled Harry's soaking wet hair, running her fingers through his tangled mane while her rock-hard nipples tingled beneath Harry's adoring tongue and gnawing teeth.

Harry folded to his knees in front of Ginny, he clung to her hips, licking her milky white thighs beneath the hissing, hot spray. Ginny whimpered, she hugged Harry's head when he pressed his face between her shivering legs, lapping at her puffy pussy, his teeth gently gnawing at Ginny's cherry clit. Ginny's bare knees buckled, she leaned her head back, hot water running down her flowing red hair and lean, naked body as Harry worked his ravenous mouth inside Ginny's sopping wet snatch, tonguing the witch girl's melting vagina, coaxing a steady flow of sweet juices out of Ginny's teenage twat.

Ginny's pelvis bucked wildly as Harry greedily ate out her musky-hot cunt, swirling his tongue within Ginny's drooling vulva, driving Ginny wild when he slurped upon her swollen, sticky labia lips, pistoning two fingers deep into Ginny's clenching sex. Ginny clutched at Harry's head while she climaxed, squirting Harry's face with warm cunt spunk. Harry licked Ginny's delicious cum from his lips and chin, when he wiped the girl's juices from his wet glasses before he rose up to his feet, pressing his slim body close to Ginny's nude figure, kissing Ginny passionately, until Ginny was dizzy and breathless, clinging to Harry's shower-slick shoulders before she swayed off her feet.


Harry turned Ginny to face the shower stall wall, he pressed the Weasley girl's naked body against the cool, slippery wall tiles, then he seized Ginny's slick vanilla ass, kneading both pert ivory buttocks, caressing the supple young ass flesh.

Ginny looked over her freckled shoulder at Harry, she spread her slim ivory legs apart, then hiked up her butt so that her swollen pussy and pouting bung lay open before the young wizard.

Harry cradled his ready cock, rubbing the engorged knob up and down Ginny's puckered pink gash, sending shivers of anticipation through Ginny's lean frame. Ginny clutched at the gleaming shower wall, she arched her spine, then sobbed when Harry finally penetrated her, slowly shoving his hot cock through her tight, enfolding cunt.

Harry wrapped his wiry arms around Ginny's small waist, he began humping Ginny's upraised rump, thrusting deep into the Weasley girl's clenching, slurping, teen sex. Ginny tossed her shower-soaked red hair, she moaned while Harry pounded her bucking butt, his hands roaming across her shuddering stomach, then cupping her bouncing breasts, squeezing the slippery, flushed pink mounds as Potter plowed furiously between Ginny's splayed legs.

Harry nuzzled Ginny's gleaming crimson curls while he sheathed his throbbing member completely inside the witch girl's warm belly. Ginny laid her head back, and Harry locked lips with her, sharing ragged, warm breath and saliva with the writhing, wild Weasley girl.

Harry humped Ginny faster and faster, clinging to Ginny's rolling tits as he pumped harder and deeper into Ginny's tight, constricting, squishy vagina. Ginny moaned inside Harry's mouth, then both young Gryffindors sobbed and shuddered, their shower-slick bodies tightly entwined as they shared a breathless, explosive climax.


Harry tugged his spent shaft clear of Ginny's dripping, stretched open pussy. Ginny turned round, then dropped to her knees, cradling Harry's limp dick, adoring the boy's dangling meat with her tongue, licking every salty droplet of semen from Harry's aching member.

Harry closed his eyes, moaning, while Ginny softly squeezed his balls, as her greedy, glossy lips suckled Potter's puckered knob, swallowing every lingering trace of Harry's spent seed. Harry combed his fingers through Ginny's bright, slippery, scarlet hair, he allowed the Weasley girl to suck his prick down her warm, tight throat, till every inch of veined meat was inside Ginny's warm-wet mouth, the kneeling witch girl scratching Harry's scrotum while she slurped insatiably upon Potter's penis.






"So how was Quidditch practice with Harry yesterday?" asked Hermione, while she wriggled into clean panties beside her four poster bed.

Ginny didn't reply immediately, so Hermione glanced the Weasley girl's away across the dorm, Ginny was blushing, trying to appear busy slipping into her robes.

Hermione donned her own robes, feeling a mixture of emotions at the realization that Harry and Ginny had finally gotten together. Hermione felt sad that she was losing Harry to Ginny, but deep down, Hermione felt that it was useless trying to keep the two classmates apart.

Hermione attended the day's classes half-heartedly, she felt her stomach knot in Potions when Harry arrived grinning from ear to ear, boys were less than subtle about most things, but especially when it came to sex.

"You're looking lovely today, Hermione!" beamed Harry, his eyes practically sparkling behind his horn-rimmed glasses.

"Thank you, Harry," sighed Hermione, opening her heavy Potions text for the day's lesson.


Slughorn prattled on for an hour, almost following the text word for word. Hermione fidgeted on her stool, she idly picked at the bottles of incredients lining the edge of her desk, she thought about brewing another potion for Ginny, then discarded the notion, just as Slughorn was winding down.

"That's it for today, students!" proclaimed Slughorn with an air of satisfaction. "I want to remind everyone invited to my little get-together that it's tomorrow night! Don't be late!"

Harry groaned, and Hermione took a slightly vindictive sense of satisfaction from Harry's discomfort.

"Have you decided who you're taking yet, Harry?"

"I don't know, Luna has been asking me, so I'll probably take her," shrugged Harry. "What about you, Hermi?"

"Oh, I'm considering one or two boys," laughed Hermione weakly, quickly stuffing quills and scrolls into her bag.

"Miss Granger, a moment please," growled Professor Snape, looming over the startled witch girl.

"I..I'll see you later, Harry," stammered Hermione, her face pale as she felt Snape's dark eyes boring into the back of her skull.

Harry flashed Snape a defiant glare, then reluctantly left Hermione alone with the professsor.

"Snape," nodded Slughorn, waddling out of the dungeon burdened with several satchels of scrolls and potion texts.

"Slughorn," acknowledged Snape with a disdainful curl of his upper lip.

Hermione shuffled from foot to foot while Snape glared down upon her, then, when Slughorn had disappeared up the winding stone stair, he grabbed Granger by her right wrist and tugged Hermione across the classroom to the raised teacher's desk.

"I know you're the one pinching my components, Miss Granger," barked Snape, spinning Hermione around to face him before the long desk.

Hermione could only stare up numbly at Snape, she wasn't quick with excuses like Ron, she knew she was guilty, and knew that Snape would see through any flimsy lies she made up.

Snape slipped his left hand into a pocket of his robes. "I never thought you one for pranks, Miss Granger. That little incident with the Amortentia potion caused quite a stir amidst the student body."

Snape withdrew a little glass blue bottle and plucked out the cork top, Hermione shivered when she smelled the bottle's contents, she smelled Harry's hair, right after he made love to her, warm and musky, it tingled her nostrils and made her nipples hard beneath her robes. It was Amortentia potion Snape held, and Hermione could just imagine what Snape planned to do with it.

The gaunt professor shoved the open bottle at Hermione. "Drink it, Granger!"

Hermione's cheeks flamed, she reached out with trembling fingers for the little blue bottle, when she took it from Snape's hand, the professor took out his wand and aimed it at Hermione.

"If you pretend to drop it, I'll cast Imperious upon you. Decide which fate is worse."

Licking her lips, Hermione raised the bottle to her parted lips, she poured the potion into her mouth, then she swallowed, and suddenly Snape was the most handsome man in the world.


Hermione held out her arms for Snape to pick her up, the professor set Granger down upon the teacher's desk, then he placed his right hand between Hermione's breasts, shoving her back across the desktop.

Staring up at the stone ceiling of the dungeon, Hermione opened her slim legs wide for Snape, who grasped the hem of her robes and hiked up the garment, till Hermione's panties were visible.

Hermione gasped and her cheeks burned when she felt Snape start licking her pussy through her underwear, his tongue lapping and cool as it drenched Hermione's panties in drool, till the puffy lips of Hermi's teenage twat were visible through the wet cotton.

Snape nuzzled Hermione's warm, sweet-smelling crotch, then he plucked the elastic waistband of Hermione's underwear and slowly tugged down Granger's damp panties, till they lay tangled around Hermione's dangling right ankle, the witch girl's pussy laid bare and gleaming in front of Snape.

Hermione's tummy fluttered when Snape started slurping on her throbbing hot cunt, plunging two long fingers deep into Granger's sopping wet vulva. Hermione clawed at the desktop beneath her as Snape devoured her sticky-sweet snatch, lapping Hermione's tingling clit, pistoning his glistening digits in and out of Granger's melting, clenching cunnie.


Snape tore open Hermione's robes, then slipped his cool hands underneath Hermi's blouse, cupping and squeezing Granger's soft, flushed hot breasts. Unhooking Hermione's bra, Snape tossed the undergarment aside, before he started kneading Hermione's blushing pink tits, tweaking Hermi's caramel nipples to hardness.

Hermione writhed beneath Snape, she sucked on the fingers of his left hand while the professor milked her aching left breast with his right. Snape ran his tongue across Hermione's shuddering belly, he dragged his wet tongue around Hermione's quivering belly button, then he pressed his flushed face between Granger's spread-eagled legs, sucking, tonguing wildly into Hermione's dripping wet, gaping wide gash.

Hermione buried her hands in Snape's greasy black hair, she bucked beneath the crotch-nuzzling professor, grinding her squishy slit over Snape's ravenous, slurping lips. Sobbing, tossing her bushy ginger-brown hair, Hermione climaxed inside Snape's gaping mouth, squirting her hot, sweet juices down the professor's gulping throat.

Snape leaned over Hermione, kissing her hard and urgently, the witch girl tasting her own cunnie cum upon the professor's demanding lips. Snape was stabbing three fingers into Hermione's slurping sex as he kissed her, Hermione draped her slim arms across Snape's shoulders, rolling her hips, impaling herself over and over upon Snape's penetrating digits.


Hermione sat up to shrug out of her open robes and blouse while Snape laid open his own flowing black robes. Licking her wet, cum-smeared lips, Hermione reached for Snape's erection, she fondled the professor's pulsating prick, her small fingers caressing every throbbing vein from Snape's swollen knob to his shivering balls.

Snape pinned Hermione upon her back again, this time laying on top of her as he pressed his cock to Hermione's yawning twat. Hermione wrapped her arms around Snape's slim waist, then she gasped sharply when Snape thrust inside her, humping furiously between her splayed, dangling legs, pounding deep into Granger's warm belly.

Hermione clutched at Snape's bucking ass while the grunting professor shoved harder and deeper into Granger's constricting, slurping snatch. Hermione wrapped her ivory legs around the humping wizard, sobbing as Snape plowed through her soaking wet, squeezing vagina.

Snape combed his fingers through Hermione's bushy brown mane as he humped the sobbing witch girl. Burying his swelling cock completely inside Hermione, Snape climaxed inside the Granger girl, filling her tight hole to overflowing with milky, oozing spunk.


"Fuck me again, Professor!" begged Hermione, still in the passionate throes of the Amortentia potion. Hermione sat up when Snape climbed off of her, she slipped off the desk and dropped to her bare knees, catching up Snape's dangling dick, putting the semen-slick member inside her greedy mouth, sucking and slurping the limp cock's warm, gleaming length.

Snape made to shove the charmed witch girl away, but Hermione's hungry lips felt so good upon his prick, he stood still as Hermione took all of Snape's meat down her tight, gulping throat, her fingers scratching Snape's scrotum, then gently squeezing the professor's balls, milking all of the lingering spunk into Snape's dribbling dick.

Snape finally pulled away from Hermione just as she was lapping the fat beads of semen oozing out of the professor's urethra. Staggering across the empty classroom, Snape pulled shut his black robes, then he raced up the spiral stair, flushed, gasping, and disheveled.

Hermione rubbed her cum-drenched chin, catching the traces of Snape's seed upon her fingertips, then sucking the salty semen between her pursed, glossy lips. Hermione stood up, then ran her hands over her flushed hot, sweat-slick body, she cupped her soft breasts and licked her engorged nipples, she ached for Snape to pound between her legs again, she moaned and whimpered for him until the effects of the Amortentia finally wore off.






Draco Malfoy was not happy. Marching down the castle corridor, shoving his way past students milling about, chattering their drivel that meant absolutely nothing to the hot-eyed Slytherin, Draco stormed towards the last place Professor Snape had been seen, descending the spiral stair to the dungeon and his old Potions classroom.

As he walked, Draco rubbed his right forearm, just beneath his pale wrist, where his skin was hot and throbbing. Draco didn't need to pull back the black sleeve of his robes, he knew what he would see, the Dark Mark, wriggling across his skin, burning through Draco's veins as the Dark Lord constantly reminded the young Slytherin of his task: kill Dumbledore, kill Dumbledore, kill Dumbledore!

Not for the first time, Draco wondered if the geas he had submitted to had been a wise decision. The mission to kill Dumbledore was something Draco had longed to do ever since it became clear that the headmaster had taken his mortal enemy, Harry Potter, under his protective wing. Draco was sick of Harry getting all the glory, all the adoration, all the sympathy, and all the girls! Draco swore he felt like spewing every time he watched Granger and Ginny Weasley fall over themselves to attract Harry's attention, not to mention Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood.


Draco skidded to a halt in the passageway when he spied Snape rushing from the spiral stair, looking flushed and distinctly out of sorts. Draco frowned, Snape usually kept a very stern mask in place, Malfoy wondered what could have shattered Snape's veneer.

Allowing his curiosity to get the better of him, anything to distract him from the Dark Mark searing his arm, Draco descended the winding stone stair to the dungeon. Draco spotted light coming from the open Potions classroom door, Malfoy walked as quietly as he could to the slightly ajar iron door, he peeked through, and blinked at the sight of Granger buttoning up her blouse.

Of all the things Snape could have been up to, snogging with Granger would have been at the bottom of the list. Draco watched Hermione close up her robes, then smooth down the long, black folds. An idea came to Draco, something he had been toying with for a long time after watching Hermione trail after Potter like a puppy.

Malfoy stepped away from the Potions doorway as Hermione picked up her bookbag and made her way out of the classroom. When Hermione emerged through the iron door, she gasped at the sight of Draco standing before her, aiming his wand right at her heart.

"Imperio!" leered Draco, his spell curling from the tip of his extended wand and snaking around Hermione, binding the gaping witch girl in magic. Granger shuddered from head to toe for a moment, then she blinked her glazed brown eyes, regarding Draco expectantly.

"Follow me," grinned Malfoy, leading Hermione up the spiral stair and into the castle corridor. As Hermione obediently trailed after Draco, the Slytherin tried to decide on a suitable place to play with his new toy. After some thought, Draco decided a private room in Hog's Head would be best.


The main castle gates were still open when Draco took Hermione outside. Every once in awhile, Draco would glance over his shoulder at Hermione, she followed meekly enough, her eyes glazed over, a puppet dancing to Malfoy's strings. As they left the school grounds proper and started descending the trail to Hogsmead, Draco couldn't help but laugh, this was what being a wizard was all about!

Night fell on the way to the village. Draco wished he had thought to bring cloaks for himself and Granger, but Malfoy felt confident if he ran into any trouble he could handle it with the Imperious Curse.

The Hog's Head was doing a brisk business when Draco entered with Hermione in tow. Aberforth looked at Draco suspiciously when the Slytherin asked for a room upstairs, but he accepted Draco's gold, and handed Malfoy a key.

"C'mon!" urged Draco, waving at Hermione to follow him upstairs, then down a creaking hallway to the fourth door on the left. Draco unlocked the door, then shoved Hermione inside, slipping in and locking the door behind him.

Draco waved his wand, and candles snapped to life, flickering brightly as Draco shouldered past Hermione to look over the big feather bed and candle-adorned nightstand.

"Butter beer!" snapped Draco.

A house elf rushed out from underneath the bed, he Apparated downstairs, then returned with two cold bottles of butter beer.

"You're dismissed for the night!" growled Draco.

The house elf saluted, then popped out of sight. Draco took a long pull from his bottle, then he handed the second to Hermione.

"Drink up, Granger!"

Hermione obediently drank her butter beer while Draco hopped up onto the soft bed and kicked about with his dangling legs. Malfoy took another pull of beer, then eyed Granger up and down, deciding what he wanted the pretty witch girl to do first.

"Set down your beer, then strip!" grinned Malfoy widely.

Hermione placed her bottle upon the nightstand, then she started removing her robes. Draco laughed maliciously, sucking down more beer as Hermione slipped out of her robes, then began unbuttoning her blouse.

Malfoy finished his butter beer and took up Hermione's, he started to sway a little as Hermione removed her blouse, then unhooked her bra and draped it across a nearby chair. Draco licked his wet lips at the sight of Granger's bare breasts, the wide caramel nipples swollen and mouthwatering as Hermione unzipped her pleated skirt and let it fall to her feet.

Draco opened his own robes while watching Hermione peel off her panties, until Granger was standing naked in front of Malfoy, her bare skin glowing golden in the soft candlelight.

"Come over here and take off my pants."

Hermione padded across the floorboards on small, bare feet, she folded to her knees in front of Draco, before reaching inside his open robes to work the buckle of his black trousers.

Draco felt his cheeks flush when Hermione pulled down the zipper of his pants, before she tugged down Malfoy's trousers to his ankles. Her task complete, Hermione stared up at Draco with her glazed, vacant eyes.

"Stroke my cock."

Hermione reached for Draco's rising prick, her fingers were warm and thrilling as the kneeling Gryffindor girl started fondling Malfoy's dick, stroking up and down Draco's throbbing length.

"Suck it!" gasped Draco, letting the empty butter beer bottle slide out of his slack fingers.

Hermione opened her mouth and lowered it to Draco's erection, she wrapped her soft lips around Malfoy's engorged knob, then she began sucking softly on the prick tip, her tongue lapping at Draco's urethra.

Draco shivered in bliss, moaning while Hermione obediently sucked on his aching hard-on.


Hermione took Draco's dick down her tight throat, slurping and sucking hungrily on the pulsating shaft plunging down her esophogus. Saliva and semen spilled down Hermione's tiny chin, but she continued to devour Draco's cock, till the sobbing Slytherin boy exploded inside Granger's mouth, filling Hermione's swelling cheeks with salty spunk.

Hermione swallowed all of Malfoy's discharge, then she adored Draco's dick with her semen-smeared tongue, licking Malfoy from dribbling knob to tingling testicles, the Gryffindor girl nuzzling Draco's scrotum, lapping it with her cool, teasing tongue.


Draco seized Hermione's small shoulders, he stood the nude witch girl up, then cupped her soft teenage tits, licking Hermione's delicious caramel nipples, then gnawing on the tender sweet breast buds. Hermione whimpered, her dark lashes fluttering, as she combed her fingers through Draco's pale blonde hair, pressing her blushing pink mammaries to Draco's ravenous, salivating lips.

Malfoy eagerly suckled on both of Hermione's milky breasts, then he licked the warm cleft between Granger's shivering tits. Smearing his saliva all over Hermione's perky mammaries, Malfoy dragged his caressing tongue down Hermione's shuddering tummy, licking round and round Granger's trembling navel, then plunging his flushed face between Hermione's satin-smooth thighs, licking at Granger's puffy, gleaming wet pussy.

Hermione hugged Draco's head to her quaking crotch while Malfoy lapped at her musky-moist cunt, licking Hermione's swollen, shivering clit, then plowing his tongue between Granger's sopping wet labia lips, coaxing a glistening flow of cunnie cum from Hermione's melting vagina, streaks of cunt spunk dripping down Granger's bare, wobbling legs.

Gnawing on Hermione's delicious clit, Draco pistoned two fingers in and out of Granger's squishy teenage snatch. Hermione was panting, her flushed face and breasts gleaming with perspiration, her hips trembling, as she was furiously fingered till her swollen young sex gushed hot juices all over Draco's penetrating digits.

Malfoy lifted his spunk-soaked fingers to Hermione's drooling lips. "Suck on them!"

The spell-charmed girl compliantly took Draco's sticky fingers inside her warm mouth, she moaned softly while she sucked her own honey from Malfoy's digits, she cleaned Draco's fingers with her tongue, while Malfoy planted kisses across Granger's bare belly, licking, relishing the taste of Hermione's pubescent body.


Draco tugged his fingers free from Hermione's greedy mouth, he stood up from the feather bed, and shoved the naked Gryffindor girl across it, yanking Hermione's slim legs apart, moaning at the sight of Granger's gaping wide vulva and bung.

Malfoy pumped his ready cock, then he rubbed his meat all over Hermione's blushing bottom. Hermione whimpered, then hiked up her teenage ass at Malfoy's barked command.

Draco sobbed when he shoved his dick deep into Granger's tight pussy. Hermione tossed her bushy ginger hair as Malfoy humped her bucking butt, driving his cock hard and deep into Granger's sopping wet, slurping snatch. Draco grabbed at Hermione's wild hair, he tugged back on the bushy brown mane, pulling Granger's head back, her shivering spine arching as she writhed underneath her Slytherin lover.

Pulling his prick free of Hermione's dripping cunt, Draco rubbed his gleaming knob over Granger's pouting sphincter, then he rammed his prick hard into Hermione's rectum, the witch girl gasping raggedly, her bare butt shuddering as Malfoy penetrated her virgin asshole mercilessly, pounding his cock through Granger's stretched wide, sore sphincter.

Riding Hermione's rocking ass, Draco reached underneath the sweat-slick witch girl to grope Hermione's swinging breasts, milking the hot, slippery slopes while pumping faster and faster into Granger's bucking bottom, till Malfoy released his load into Hermione's rounded rump, strings of semen oozing from Granger's cock-stuffed bung to drip between Hermione's splayed, shuddering thighs.


Reclining on his bare back, Draco waved his wand languidly over Hermione while the naked Gryffindor girl slurped furiously upon his limp cock, licking the spent member clean of sticky semen. When Malfoy tapped Granger on the head with his wand, Hermione lifted her head, and sucked on the tip of Draco's wand at Malfoy's command.

Malfoy had his fun with Granger through the night, and for a short time the Slytherin boy could forget the burning mark upon his flesh, and his master's will clenched round his mind like an eager iron fist.


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