The Hogwart's Express Stalker

by PJ


"Don't, Harry!" moaned Hermione, as Harry Potter slipped his warm fingers into the Granger girl's soft cotton panties, stroking Hermione's sticky-moist pussy with his gentle, arousing touch.

"You smell so good, Hermi," whispered Harry in Hermione's left ear, before he slowly stuck his tongue inside, licking the Gryffindor girl's tender-sweet earlobe.

Hermione moaned, her lower lip quivering, as she felt her juices start to flow, dribbling out of her finger-fondled cunnie, staining her panties till her underwear clung to her flushed hot crotch.

Hermione shoved Harry down the bench of the rocking train car, she smoothed down her short, pleated school skirt, then tried to bring her wild ginger-brown hair into a semblance of order.

"I'm sorry, Hermi!" blushed Harry, resting his hands on his lap, the fingers of his right hand still glistening with Hermione's cunt spunk.

"It's..it's alright, Harry. I'm going to get a breath of fresh air," said the Granger girl, rising from her seat to leave out the sliding cabin door.


Hermione staggered down the narrow hallway of the shifting train car, she pressed her small palms to the glass of each passing door, many of the windows had their shades lowered, Hermione could just imagine what the young wizards and witches of her graduating class were up to.

Hermione reached the loo of the car, she slipped inside, then turned on the sink, splashing cold water across her flushed hot face. Hermione looked up at her reflection, she felt ashamed that she had allowed Harry to go so far, but a part of her wished he had not stopped, that he had continued to finger her throbbing pussy till she couldn't stand it anymore, till she begged the boy to shove his cock right up her dripping wet twat.

Hermione's cheeks were burning bright, she averted her lust-clouded amber eyes, she took deep, calming breaths, trying to slow her pounding heart and heaving chest.

There was a sharp knock on the closed loo door.

"Sorry! I'm almost done!" called out Hermione, before she primped her dishevelled brown hair and straightened her spine, preparing herself to face Harry again.

The loo door slid open, and a tall, masked man rushed inside. Hermione opened her mouth to scream, and a black-gloved hand slapped across her gaping mouth, before the loo door was slammed shut and locked with a wave of a bone white wand.

Hot breath washed across Hermione's terrified face before she was spun about and shoved against the wash sink. Hermione stared with horror at her reflection in the mirror, tears welled in her frightened amber eyes as she screamed and screamed into the gloved hand pressed firmly over her sobbing lips.


Hermione blinked her wet eyes when she felt the attacker's free hand begin to caress her slim legs, stroking up and down the Gryffindor girl's pale, bare, lower limbs. Hermione moaned when the masked man reached her quivering thighs, running his leather-gloved hand between her wobbling legs, stroking inside Hermione's blushing pink naked limbs.

Caressing fingers brushed across Hermione's puffy pussy, then started fondling the Granger girl's sticky-hot cunnie through her honey-stained panties. Hermione whimpered as the masked man fondled her throbbing teen twat, running his fingertips in slow circles round and round Hermione's sopping wet snatch, until he slipped his leather-gloved hand inside Hermione's underwear, stroking the witch girl's pussy to a sticky-sweet lather.

Hermione shuddered in her masked molester's embrace, she clung to his right arm that was draped across her pert, heaving bosom, gloved hand clamped across her softly sobbing mouth. A trickle of saliva spilled down Hermione's chin as the masked man caressed her swollen, sweet snatch, parting the gleaming wet lips of her teenage twat, then wriggling two fingers into Hermione's sopping wet hole, digging deep into the Gryffindor girl's squishy, sticky slit, coaxing out a warm, steady flow of musky-hot cunt spunk.

The masked man nuzzled Hermione's neck as he explored her melting cunnie, his labored breath was hot against Hermione's blushing cheek, then the molester licked Hermione's flushed face, savoring the taste of the teenage witch girl's sweet skin.

Hermione's bare knees knocked together, and she moaned into the gloved hand over her slack mouth as she felt her warm juices spill down her shivering legs, leaving gleaming streaks between her flushed pink bare thighs.

Turning Hermione's head, the masked man uncovered the sobbing schoolgirl's mouth long enough to kiss Hermione's drool-drenched lips, the Granger girl moaned while the masked man sucked on her soft, sweet lips, then licked the saliva clinging to her wet chin.

The masked molester covered Hermione's gaping mouth again with his gloved hand, he pinned Hermione to the wash sink with his firm body, the Granger girl could feel the masked man's hard-on rubbing between her parted legs, she whimpered, and more streaks of spunk spilled down the Gryffindor girl's splayed lower limbs.


With his free hand, the masked molester loosened Hermione's gold and scarlet tie, then he plucked at the buttons of Hermione's white blouse, opening up the whimpering witch girl's school shirt. Working the hook of Hermione's training bra, the masked man deftly removed the soft cotton undergarment, he draped Hermione's bra deliberately across the sink, so Hermione could see it just before he cupped her soft, pert, left breast and began squeezing it.

Hermione's dark lashes fluttered, she sobbed softly into the hand clasped across her mouth as the masked molester milked her blushing pink teenage tit. Leather-clad fingers tweaked and tugged on Hermione's swollen, stiff nipple, then the gloved hand moved to the shivering right breast, kneading the warm, yielding, young mammary while Hermione moaned weakly and dripped more musky honey from between her splayed, shivering legs.

After thoroughly fondling both blushing, bare breasts, the masked man released Hermione's trembling tits to hike up the witch girl's short pleated skirt. Hermione's amber eyes grew wide when she felt the molester peel down her honey-soaked panties, long strings of glistening cum dripped between Hermione's outspread legs, they splashed onto the shifting train car floor, forming a spreading pool at Hermione's feet.

The masked molester fondled Hermione's dripping wet, naked pussy, then he stretched her gleaming moist labia lips wide for his ready cock.

Hermione was panting raggedly as she stared into her muffled reflection, her amber eyes glazing with lust as she felt the warm, fat knob of the masked man's dick press against her gaping wide gash, just before the masked man thrust inside her, driving his cock deep into the Granger girl's tight, clenching cunnie.

Hermione moaned into the butt-humping molester's hand while he pounded against her bucking bare bottom, pumping his prick in and out of Hermione's squishy, slurping snatch. The grunting, ass-riding masked man milked Hermione's rolling left breast as he penetrated her mercilessly again and again, burying his hard, throbbing cock to the balls inside the sobbing Gryffindor girl's squeezing, sloppily sucking slit.

Hermione bucked wildly over the wash sink, clinging to the marble bowl as she was repeatedly ass-raped by the groaning, pussy-plowing masked man behind her. Hermione's bare butt bounced underneath the masked molester's slamming, spearing crotch, Hermione felt her filthy wet pussy stretched wide to take in all of the masked man's pounding prick, the witch girl felt the huge dick swell inside her, before it exploded, filling Hermione's belly to overflowing with hot, sticky semen.

Panting, the masked man tugged his spent shaft clear of Hermione's sore pussy, cock cum drooled out of the Granger girl's swollen sex, strings of sticky spunk spilled down Hermione's quivering, spread-eagled legs.


The masked molester uncovered Hermione's gasping, saliva-soaked lips. Pinching Hermione's drool-smeared chin, the masked man kissed the dull-eyed Gryffindor girl hard, forcing his tongue through Hermione's yielding lips.

"I want you to do something for me," murmured the masked man, gray eyes smoldering as he caressed Hermione's blushing cheek. "Bring Ginny Weasley here, don't tell her that I'm waiting for her."

Hermione nodded numbly, she didn't move when the masked mage raised his white wand again and put her under the Imperius Curse.

"Bring Ginny to me now," ordered the masked man.

Hermione buttoned up her blouse, then pulled up her panties before hiding her discarded tie and bra in her robes. Opening the loo door, Hermione slipped past the leering masked man, gasping only a little when he caressed her departing bottom.