Haunted House

by PJ



The tied and gagged Catholic schoolgirl whimpered on the lap of her kidnapper. The reeking, unshaven young man had his clammy right hand inside the schoolgirl's cum-stained underwear, roughly fingering the teenage blonde's bruised pussy. The boy had his nose pressed against the sobbing schoolgirl's sweaty, disheveled hair, even after days of captivity, with no bathing and minimal visits to the broken toilet, the girl smelled so sweet in the boy's wiry arms, he loved to just hold the weeping girl for hours, but sometimes the urge to play with the schoolgirl's soft, wet sex overwhelmed him.

"Kill the bitch already! I'm tired of her! She cries too much!"

"They all cry, that's what makes it so exciting!"

"Be quiet!" moaned the boy, squeezing the sniffling schoolgirl tight.

"There's another one walking up to the door! Gut this whore so we can have some fresh meat!"

The filthy boy stared fearfully up at the stair leading from the cluttered basement. No one had visited the condemned house in weeks, maybe it was the police, finally tracking down the kidnapper and murderer of young local schoolgirls.

"Do it, you weak little shit! Kill the slut!"

Shivering, the boy picked up the blood-stained knife. The weeping schoolgirl screamed into her gag just before the blade plunged between her swelling breasts. The boy's face was expressionless as he punched the dripping knife through the twitching girl's chest over and over...


Daphne climbed onto the porch and knocked tentatively on the peeling front door. The beautiful teenage redhead didn't know why she bothered knocking, the run-down house had been declared condemned six months ago, but reports of something haunting the empty house had made Daphne curious, she just wished the rest of the gang had shared her curiosity.

When she pressed on the front door with her fingertips, the door squealed open, revealing a narrow, garbage-covered hallway. Digging into her pink purse, Daphne flicked on a small flashlight and gingerly stepped around the worst piles of steaming refuse, wriggling her nose at the nauseating stench of rotting filth. Two doorways opened to the left and right of Daphne, playing her light through each, the left appeared to be a sitting room, the right a private study.

Daphne tiptoed through the refuse-choked doorway, hoping she could get her purple sneakers clean with the garden hose when she returned home. Walking over dangerously creaking bare floorboards, Daphne ran her lightbeam over the spines of dust-veiled books lining dipping shelves, she blew over a few volumes, then coughed loudly from the gagging cloud of dust that billowed into her face. Wiping at her tearing eyes, Daphne read over some of the titles, classics that she had read in school, nothing of much interest.

Sighing, Daphne turned to leave the study and check out the sitting room when the black-caped apparition flew through the doorway, arrowing straight towards her, black claws reaching for her.

Daphne screamed and slammed hard into the desk directly behind her. The phantom caught Daphne's wrists, it pinned her to the dusty desktop, hot, stinking breath washing over Daphne's terrified face, across the bare cleavage of her flushed, heaving breasts.

Daphne struggled and shrieked when the phantom's black talons ripped the front of her purple blouse, peeling her shirt away from her pink lace bra all the way down to her bare, quivering belly button. Ectoplasmic slime splashed between Daphne's scantily-clad tits, clammy rivulets spilled over her fluttering tummy, then the phantom was gone, screaming and pounding its way out the doorway and down the garbage-carpeted hall.

The red-haired teen clutched her torn blouse shut over her panting breasts, she wept hotly, lips trembling at the horrifying experience she had just endured. The investigation was over, it was definitely time to leave.

Wiping at her burning green eyes, Daphne hopped over piles of refuse on her way to the front door. Without warning, the open door slammed shut, there was a sharp click, and when Daphne reached the door and tugged frantically on it, the door failed to even budge.

Then the phantom was on Daphne again. The beautiful teen barely had time to draw in breath for a shrill scream before the phantom snatched her green scarf from her slender throat, grabby claws scratched up Daphne's pink thighs, then the black talons were at Daphne's pink cotton panties, tearing the screaming girl's underwear away, then the phantom was flapping in retreat back down the narrow hallway, flying up a groaning railless stair.

Daphne pressed her back to the locked front door, crying uncontrollably, ignoring the hot, throbbing scratches leaking blood down her quaking legs. Sniffling, Daphne pressed down her violet skirt over and over, strangely embarrassed that someone might catch a glimpse of her naked crotch and ass beneath her short hemline.

With the front door sealed, Daphne decided she would have to escape through one of the windows. Reluctant to enter the study a second time, Daphne carefully stepped into the sheet-covered sitting room, the shrouded pieces of aging furniture somehow creepy in the dim silence of the dirty room. There was one filth-covered window that faced the street, Daphne tugged and fought with the stubborn windowpane, cursing, weeping while she struggled to open her way to freedom...


The boy pulled off his gloves to fondle the intruder's musky panties and soft, silky scarf that still retained the warmth of the beautiful girl's neck. Rubbing his sniffing nose in the redhead's intoxicating underwear, the boy reached into his stained, tattered jeans, playing with himself while he deeply inhaled the aroma of the teen beauty's panties.

"You're sick, boy! Quit choking your chicken and catch the bitch already!"

"Mmm, her panties smell so sweet, imagine what her pussy must smell like, how it will taste when we get her!"

Moaning, the boy jerked off faster, nostrils flaring as he filled his nose with the pretty teen's mouthwatering scent...


Daphne slammed her hands against the dirty glass, she leaned against a nearby wall, the stained wallpaper peeling in a dozen places, the smell of old urine only reminding Daphne of the hellhole she was trapped in. Brushing unconsciously at her short skirt, Daphne stumbled out of the sitting room, warily she followed the hallway to the rising stair, the hallway continued past the stair, Daphne followed it to the kitchen.

The kitchen was as filthy as the hall, littered with empty soda cans, piles of pizza boxes, and a sink overflowing with chipped, food-encrusted dishes. Daphne rushed to the back door and pulled on it, the back door was as stubborn as the front, Daphne gave the knob one last sharp tug, then giggled hysterically when the doorknob came away in her hands.

Daphne was dragging her feet across the sticky tile floor when the phantom appeared again. Daphne sobbed as the caped apparition lunged at her, it caught her by the shoulders and slammed her across the kitchen table, more slime dripped across her shivering cleavage and trembling chin.

Daphne kicked and clawed at the phantom until it slapped her hard across the face, cutting her lower lip. Tasting her own blood, Daphne lay still as the phantom yanked open her torn blouse and tugged on the clasp of her pink lace bra, snapping the hook and freeing the cups from Daphne's rising, milky tits.

Daphne whimpered while the phantom groped and kneaded her warm, pliant breasts, slime dripped over each of Daphne's stiff pink nipples, the teen sobbed softly when the phantom reached underneath her short skirt, finding her naked pussy, rubbing it, spreading the puffy lips wide to scratch the tender, wet hole of Daphne's puckered vulva.

"There'sss nnnooo essscapeee..," hissed the phantom, gently raking Daphne's flushed left cheek with the tips of its gleaming talons. "Ifff youuu waaanttt tooo leavvve aliiiive, cooome downnnstairsss."

Scratching three deep furrows between Daphne's rising breasts, the phantom swirled and flew back down the hall, a door opened in the side of the stair, and the phantom dove through it, the door slamming shut behind it.

Moaning, her shoulders bruised and sore, the scratches down her chest dripping beads of crimson, Daphne buried her tear-streaked face in her hands and shuddered with despair, crying raggedly until all her hot tears were spent...


The boy crouched in the shadows, heart racing as he watched the beautiful girl hesitantly descend the creaking basement stair. Grinning at the erection that tugged at his crotch, the boy opened his gloved hands, he stood on the balls of his feet, ready to pounce...


Grateful for her recovered flashlight, Daphne played her beam over the yielding wooden steps while she climbed down into the pitch black basement. There was a strange scent in the air, stronger than the foul odors of garbage and excrement that Daphne was getting used to, the scent was..coppery.

When her right sneaker touched the basement floor, Daphne turned to her right, she ran her flashlight across the stained floor, and screamed when she found the corpse of the gutted schoolgirl, the teenager's wide blue eyes glazed over with death.

Biting talons enfolded Daphne's arms, the redhead wriggled and wept as she was pulled across the basement to a concrete wall. Daphne fought vainly while the phantom locked her raised wrists in leather cuffs, the apparition next captured each of Daphne's kicking feet, cinching chained cuffs to the shrieking girl's ankles.

The remains of Daphne's ruined blouse and bra were yanked away, then her skirt was shredded by ebony talons until it fell away from Daphne's sensual hips.

Daphne shivered with fear and the cold of being naked in the unheated basement. Blinking tears from her green eyes, Daphne watched mutely as the phantom tugged off its sharp claws, then freed the long black cape that draped it.

A pale, bony boy Daphne's age leered at the naked, cuffed girl. Moaning, drool running freely down his hairy chin, the boy cupped and squeezed Daphne's trembling tits, he groaned as he licked Daphne's stiff breast buds, soaking her aching nipples in clammy saliva.

"P..please! D..do what you want with me! J..Just don't kill me!" begged Daphne, fresh tears spilling from her terrified eyes.

The boy grinned widely, then dropped to his knees, burying his dirty face between Daphne's splayed thighs, noisily licking and slurping on Daphne's soft, sweet-smelling cunnie.

Daphne clenched her eyes shut and kept her face turned away while the ravenous boy dug his tongue inside Daphne's sticky vagina, laughing softly in ecstasy as he eagerly lapped the sweet honey covering the pink folds of Daphne's love tunnel. Daphne shuddered in her bonds as the boy ate out her pussy relentlessly, until she couldn't stand it anymore, a husky moan escaping her drooling lips as her pelvis bucked and a spray of warm nectar flew from her yawning twat.

Licking sticky honey from his flaking lips, the boy stood up and ran his filthy, cum-stained hands up and down Daphne's slender legs and lushly rounded young hips. Grunting with excitement, the dirty boy reached around Daphne's waist, he caught and squeezed the bound teen's firm, supple buttocks, Daphne kept her eyes shut, but tears escaped to glitter on her blushing cheeks.

Daphne reluctantly opened her green eyes and lowered them when she heard the perverted boy unzipping his torn jeans. Returning his clammy palms to Daphne's shivering ass cheeks, the boy shoved his stiff cock into Daphne's sopping wet pussy, the redhead groaned as the boy roughly rammed his prick through her tight vulva, stabbing sharply into her moist, warm vagina. Daphne's chains jingled and shook as her rapist pounded her naked body against the concrete basement wall, the cuffed teen's drool-covered breasts bounced and swayed as she was penetrated violently again and again, the humping boy moaning in bliss as he buried his ramming cock to the hilt inside Daphne's clenched belly.

Daphne whimpered when the boy climaxed inside her, warm semen spilling down her splayed legs after her molester slipped his honey-drenched prick from her bruised, throbbing sex.

"The bitch wasn't bad, she has a tight pussy."

"I think she's soft and warm, I want to keep her."

Rubbing his flushed face between Daphne's satin-soft breasts, the boy smiled in agreement.

The End